A Free, Libre and Open Reader

I'd like to focus on articles and chapters of books rather than whole books or websites for the reader. Ideally, each piece of reading material will serve a discrete purpose, rather than just provide background information or a broad picture. There are already pages for IP Minimalism and FLO community for whole books and websites related to these issues.

Reader (FLO works)

  • The Declared Value System: Karl Fogel describes an alternative to current copyright law (CC0; link)
  • RANTIFESTO: Nina Paley makes the case against the NoDerivatives Creative Commons licences, particularly their use by free software advocates (Copyheart; link)
  • The Case for Free Use: Reasons not to use a Creative Commons -NC license: Expanded version of an article by Erik Moller, describing the problems with the NonCommercial Creative Commons licences and why the FLO Creative Commons licences work better (CC BY 2.5; link)
  • Copyheart: Nina Paley describes a new way of marking works that could replace copyright declarations - the Copyheart (Copyheart; link)
  • Upgrade to 0: Mike Linksvayer argues that you should adopt the CC0 licence (CC0; link)

Reader (non-FLO works)

  • Why I Went CC BY: Musician Chris Zabriskie describes why he chose a Creative Commons Attribution licence for his music instead of the NonCommercial alternatives (CC BY-NC-SA; link)
  • Defining "NonCommercial": A Creative Commons study into popular online expectations of users of the NonCommercial Creative Commons licences (data CC0, text CC BY; PDF)
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