Audio (Shareable)

Podcasts, sound effects, etc.

For songs and other music, see Music.

This page shows all audio shareable resources. For a list that only contains free, libre and open works, see Audio (Libre)


  • Hacker Public Radio'Hacker Public Radio (HPR) is an Internet Radio show (podcast) that releases shows every weekday Monday through Friday.'
  • TINTThis is Not This is Not a Podcast - a sports podcast.

Sources of Music

  • David Bollier"David Bollier is a journalist, activist, and longtime scholar of the commons."
  • Doug WhitfieldA free culture advocate.
  • The Freesound ProjectA database of sounds (not songs).
  • Unseen Studio'Unseen Studio is a small podcast network promoting Creative Commons culture and Open Source software. We currently have 3 podcasts; CCJam, Crivins and TuxJam.'
  • Wikinews"The Wikinews project is a free content news source of the Wikimedia Foundation that seeks to provide content, free of charge, where everyone is invited to contribute reports about events large and small, either from direct experience, or summarized from elsewhere."
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