Tabletop Games (Libre)

Games that you play face-to-face with others.

This page only shows free, libre and open tabletop games. For a list that includes proprietary shareable works (that is to say, noncommercial and verbatim works), see Tabletop Games (Shareable Works).

Tabletop Games

  • Dark PassagesA modern fusion and re-organisation of 0E and 1E rules.
  • Darker DungeonsA tabletop RPG based on a streamlined version of the Rules Cyclopedia.
  • D&D4.5A partial clone of D&D 4E.
  • Death of the Japanese EmperorAn experiential larp for 4-8 players
  • Death Takes A HolidayWhen Death takes a holiday, a hapless family of ghosts must shepherd the dearly departed.
  • Department NineOracular spies fighting the future and Greek myths.
  • Destiny SystemA universal RPG.
  • DiasporaSingularity FATE-based role-playing.
  • Dominion RulesMedieval classless fantasy role-playing.
  • DonjonA fantasy dungeoncrawl game with significant player narrative control.
  • Doodles & Dragons'n celebration of finishing my year-long effort to draw a cartoon of every single monster in the 2nd Edition AD&D Monstrous Manual, I made a PDF containing a one page World of Dungeons hack along with every one of my cartoons.'
  • DramaSystem SRDThe basic system of the Hillfolk RPG.
  • Dresden Files RPGA FATE RPG about modern magic.
  • Drupal: The Card Game"In this quick card game 2-4 players compete to earn the most reputation by developing new Drupal modules and building complex websites!"
  • DulseA game about relationships, ideals, and the choices we make to preserve or destroy them.
  • Dungeon DelversOne page D&D varient
  • Dungeon RaidersSimplification of Original D&D and early D&D
  • Dungeon Squad 2A fantasy RPG designed for quick play and no fuss.
  • Dungeon WorldAn RPG based on Apocalypse World for dungeoncrawling adventure.
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3EThe third edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game.
  • Dungeons DaringA fantasy RPG designed by a committee.
  • E6The game inside Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Edition ThirteenA new take on the 4C System
  • Elevation of Privilege'The EoP card game helps clarify the details of threat modeling and examines possible threats to software and computer systems.'
  • Enchanted RealmsRole-playing with cards.
  • Engine HeartAn RPG in a post-human world.
  • Enter the AvengerA short and simple swords & sorcery RPG.
  • Epées & SorcellerieA game inspired by Original Dungeons & Dragons with some modern changes.
  • Errant RPGA fantasy role-playing game.
  • Evil Wizards in a Cave'Evil Wizards in a Cave is a short adventure module compatible with both the Dungeon World and Labyrinth Lord fantasy role-playing games.'
  • Exploding KingdomsInspired by 4th edition D&D.
  • Explorations of the Haunted IslandDescribed as "an attempt to use the mechanics from the board game Splendor to tell a story of investigating a mysterious island like in the TV show LOST or the videogame Myst."
  • Fantastic Heroes & WitcheryAn extensive tabletop RPG.
  • Fantasy Craft%%form_data{intro}%%
  • Fantasy CraftA fantasy RPG based on the MasterCraft engine.
  • FASTA light and simple skill-based RPG.
  • FATE 2EA universal game based on the FATE engine.
  • Fate Accelerated EditionA lite version of the fractal role-playing game Fate.
  • Fate Core SystemAn extended version of the fractal role-playing game Fate.
  • Fate System ToolkitA toolkit for the Fate tabletop RPG.
  • Final Decrees'Final Decrees is a board game based on a monstrous incompetent bureaucracy.'
  • Fire & SwordAn evolution of RuneQuest.
  • Five By FiveAn original game system and toolkit.
  • Floor GamesA storytelling game HG Wells played with his children.
  • For Gold & GloryA retroclone of 2E AD&D.
  • Fortune Cookies and Nuclear WarA game written in a paragraph.
  • Fortune System Resource Document'The Fortune System Resource Document includes the basic rules of the Fortune System. It also includes advice from existing Fortune System designers.'
  • Four Colors al FrescoPlay a superhero in the Italian Renaissance.
  • Free FATEA free, expanded version of FATE.
  • FringeA half-finished RPG designed by committee.

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