Tabletop Games (Libre)

Games that you play face-to-face with others.

This page only shows free, libre and open tabletop games. For a list that includes proprietary shareable works (that is to say, noncommercial and verbatim works), see Tabletop Games (Shareable Works).

Tabletop Games

  • F-SharpThe bare bones of FATE.
  • FUBARYou've been screwed … and at least one person wants you dead.
  • FudgeAn early generic RPG.
  • GeasaA story telling game about fickle fairies.
  • Genesys SystemA generic rules-light RPG.
  • Ghost RunnerAs a Ghost Runner, you the players must track down rogue Ghosts, pulled from the afterlife and embedded into cybernetic SHELS which are used to hold these spirits to the world.
  • GhostsYour fantasy city is under siege. Play both the living and the dead.
  • Go Fast, Turn LeftYou play an alien who gets his or her kicks from speeding.
  • Gods & MonstersAn old-school style fantasy RPG.
  • GOREA d%-based horror RPG.
  • Group Works'A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings'
  • GUMSHOE SRD'The document is a reference for game designers, and is not tuned to teach the game, or provide a playable game experience.'
  • GunwaveA system for playing the angsty teens of a mecha anime series.
  • HexpackAn expansion to the Piecepack.
  • High School Heartslight tabletop role-playing game of high schoolers dealing with the emotional roller-coaster of adolescence
  • HoardPlay a growing dragon.
  • House of MasksIn a far off land where mighty sorcerers dwell, the God-King Castor rules from a castle where the spirit realm and physical realm touch, allowing for powerful magics to happen and for a person’s spirit form to take control of one’s body..
  • HyperA modular gaming system.
  • IcosahedralA role-playing game.
  • Invulnerable Tabletop Super Hero Roleplaying Game'The Invulnerable RPG Year One Edition allows you to create your own hero, and experience worlds of adventure!'
  • Iridium SystemA simple and realistic system combining skills and classes.
  • Iron Edda
  • It Came From The Wide Blue YonderCthulhu medieval supers.
  • JAGSA universal generic games system.
  • JazzA flexible and easy-to-use game system drawn from many sources.
  • Labyrinth LordA retroclone of Basic/Expert D&D.
  • Lamentations Of The Fire PrincessWeird fantasy role-playing.
  • Libre: The Open Source Card Game'In a time where time wasn't, Seven Factions struggle for Liberation of the others so that they may live free and without struggle. This is the world of Libre.'
  • Little WarsA storytelling game HG Wells played with his children.
  • LongshotA science fiction Western.
  • Magic SwordA project to clone and improve upon D&D 4E.
  • Magpie CodexA light and generic fantasy RPG.
  • Man & UbermenschA fascist super replaces the US president during WWII.
  • Masks'Masks is a pen-and-paper role-playing game of super powered heroes, with addictive character generation and comic-book combat pacing.'
  • Mazes & Perils'Mazes & Perils is a game of imagination and role playing in a fantasy world, suitable for ages 10 and up.'
  • Men of StonesThis is a game of drama, of desires, motivations, and downfalls.
  • Men Of Stones'This is a game of drama, of desires, motivations, and downfalls. You play characters caught up in a devastating circle of events that can lead only to a tragic fall.'
  • MicrocosmA game from Amagi Games.
  • Microlite20A simplified version of the d20 System.
  • MidgardPlay a viking hero on epic adventures.
  • MidianAn intricate and lengthy RPG of dark fantasy.
  • Mini SixA short and sweet take on the d6 System.
  • Mist-Robed Gate'Which is more important: your desire or your life? In the martial arts underworld of Mist-Robed Gate, you can never have both.'
  • MULRAHAn RPG that has undergone considerable changes in recent versions.
  • MurderHobos"MurderHobos gets to the meat of dungeon crawling: killing things and taking their stuff."
  • Mutant FuturePost-apocalyptic role-playing compatible with Labyrinth Lord.
  • Mutants & MastermindsA d20 superhero RPG.
  • MyriadA rules-light modular generic RPG.
  • Myth & MagicAn adaptation of 2E AD&D.
  • Nameless HorrorA horror RPG.

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