Tabletop Games (Libre)

Games that you play face-to-face with others.

This page only shows free, libre and open tabletop games. For a list that includes proprietary shareable works (that is to say, noncommercial and verbatim works), see Tabletop Games (Shareable Works).

Tabletop Games

  • Sneaky Cards'Sneaky Cards is designed to encourage, inspire, or facilitate playful interactions. Breaking up the tedium of everyday life, with small entertaining objectives. Each card is created to be unique and develop different kinds of play.'
  • So Now You're a Time TravelerA 'simple little two page hack of Cthulhu Dark made to run a stropped down time travel game comparable to Continuum.'
  • SovereignA Risk-like boardgame.
  • SpellchromeA classless version of the d20 System.
  • Spellcraft & SwordplayA retro role-playing game that combines Chainmail and Original Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Spirit of the CenturyPulp two-fisted adventure in the 1930s.
  • SRD5A clone of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.
  • Standard Method for Tasks Resolution in Role-Playing Games"This work is a very simple method for the task resolution during RPG sessions."
  • Star BladesScience fiction role-playing using the original Dungeons & Dragons rules.
  • SteampunkfittersA roleplaying game that celebrates the sense of possibility in the Victorian era.
  • Steel and FlameA more pulpy swords and sorcery esq RPG
  • Sufficiently Advanced TechnologiesA 16-player LARP inspired by Doctor Who.
  • Super Hero FunA tabletop RPG.
  • Super Repo'It’s a comedic superhero game, wherein you play people with superpowers who chose to work a mundane job rather than fight crime.'
  • Sweet20Bringing indie sensibilities to the d20 System.
  • Swords & WizardryA retroclone of original and whitebox Dungeons & Dragons.
  • SynergyAn open-source, rules-light, role playing game that does not rely on a “game master” or similar role to manage the game.
  • Tannenberg 4'Tannenberg 4 is a wargame about the Russian offensive into East Prussia 1914, later known as The Battle of Tannenberg.'
  • Tech NoirA cyberpunk game that uses a d20.
  • TelgrathiaA fantasy game based on Blackjack.
  • Terror Of The Serpent MenDan Dynamo - renowned pulp hero - is playing host to the gorgeous Princess Aphasia of the Venusians.
  • The 52 PagesAn old school tabletop RPG with each concept explained on one page.
  • The Age of ShadowA role-playing game designed for one of the most popular fantasy trilogies of all time.
  • The Big Brown BookA take on 0E D&D that avoids using d20s altogether.
  • The Carnival of DreamsA Swords Without Master adventure.
  • The Devil, John Moulton'The Devil, John Moulton is a game about demon summoning outlaws in the American old west.'
  • The Dreaming CrucibleA story about troubled adolescents travelling to Faerie.
  • The Far TowersPlay travelling enforcers and heroes putting wrongs to right.
  • The Fifth World%%form_data{intro}%%
  • The Fifth WorldHumans after civilisation - a tabletop roleplaying game that has been extensively revised.
  • The GAME SystemThe Generic Action Mediation System is designed to give players flexibility in the powers they design.
  • The Logic of Tales & DreamsOnce upon a time, there was a writer who wrote a story game that doesn't exist. This is that game.
  • The Modern PathA tabletop RPG.
  • The Ouroboros CycleBooks about roleplaying, ranging from general advice to specific settings.
  • The PlantA solo RPG where you play someone crawling around the innards of a power plant.
  • The Shackled SelfA game of princes who pursue asceticism to save the world.
  • The Shrouded LandsA fantasy setting.
  • The Simple Game SystemA simple and generic rules-system based on d6s.
  • The Vicious Crucible of the Eburnean Tower'The Eburnean Tower has stood for centuries as a symbol of scholarship, arcane power, and ruthless domination.'
  • The Vicious Crucible of Verdigris Valley'The borderlands of the Verdigris Valley have never been peaceful, but now an invasion force gathers at the summit of the Pashuan Way, looking hungrily down on the rich homesteads and crippled fort below.'
  • The Wizard's AmuletAn adventure for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons.
  • To the BarricadesA boardgame about a faceoff between radicals and the police.
  • ToastA rules-light universal RPG.
  • Torch & SwordA retroclone of 0D&D.
  • TravellerA long-lived role-playing game with some setting details.
  • TRIC SRDA 4E clone.
  • Tricks and TreatsA Halloween-themed tabletop RPG about trick-or-treaters out on Halloween who must overcome scary monsters to rescue a friend
  • Tri-Fold FATEThe basic rules of FATE on three pages.
  • True20A d20-based RPG.
  • Twenty One Turn HeroA curious one-page RPG where you face off against dragons and sorcerers.

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