Tabletop Games (Libre)

Games that you play face-to-face with others.

This page only shows free, libre and open tabletop games. For a list that includes proprietary shareable works (that is to say, noncommercial and verbatim works), see Tabletop Games (Shareable Works).

Tabletop Games

  • Ultramodern4Dungeons & Dragons 4E rules in a modern setting.
  • Uncharted Worlds'Uncharted Worlds is a Space Opera roleplaying game built upon the Apocalypse World rules. It’s inspired by the big, bold, larger-than-life space-faring epics like Mass Effect, Firefly, Star Trek, and by games like Traveller, Masters of Orion, Starcraft (and a bit of Galaxy Trucker).'
  • Uneven Wingsa tabletop RPG in which players bid tokens to succeed at competitive tasks
  • Unsung Tales'Unsung Tales is a card-based roleplaying game, in which you and your friends will work together to tell stories of mystery and adventure in a Sword and Sorcery world.'
  • vs MonstersA 24HRPG by Phil Reed.
  • Wanton Role-Playing SystemAn OGL version of the RPG Over the Edge.
  • Warrior & WizardA retroclone of The Fantasy Trip.
  • WayfarersPoints-buy medieval fantasy role-playing.
  • Weasels!A simple system of intelligent weasels living in The Forest that must deal with a threat. Easy for kids.
  • Weird World'Weird World is a game about playing characters with unnatural powers in a dangerous, exciting world.'
  • Wide StanceA game about repressed homosexuality, written in five minutes.
  • Witless MinionThe role-playing game of mooks, minions, and dupes.
  • Wordplay BasicsA straightforward narrative role-playing game.
  • Wordplay Core RulesA straightforward narrative role-playing game.
  • Wrack & WruinRyan St's rewriting of original D&D in the style of Apocalypse World.
  • WTactics'We're a community of free culture-loving individuals, creating a free card game.'
  • Wushu OpenA game where detailed narration affects your chances of success.
  • XceptionalA supers RPG.
  • XochitlcozamalotlAztec daisies, god-rabbits and divine parties meet in this Aztec soap opera.
  • YagsA moderately crunchy cinematic rules system.
  • ZeFRSA retroclone of TSR's Conan RPG.
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