Tabletop Games (Common Content)

Games that you play face-to-face with others.

This page shows all shareable games. For a list that only contains free, libre and open works, see Tabletop Games (Libre)

For more details on the laws surrounding tabletop gaming copyright, see Protection from Chaos.

Tabletop Games

  • Into the Odd ● Adventures in the odd world.
  • Inuma ● A system for shared, improvised storytelling.
  • Invulnerable Tabletop Super Hero Roleplaying Game ● 'The Invulnerable RPG Year One Edition allows you to create your own hero, and experience worlds of adventure!'
  • Iridium System ● A simple and realistic system combining skills and classes.
  • Iron Edda
  • It Came From The Wide Blue Yonder ● Cthulhu medieval supers.
  • JAGS ● A universal generic games system.
  • Jazz ● A flexible and easy-to-use game system drawn from many sources.
  • Jumpers ● 'Survival roleplaying in the infinite multiverse'
  • Kapow! ● superhero table-top game
  • Kiss Roleplaying System ● Coins are the resolution method in this lite gaming system.
  • Kodrek ● A three-way game of shifting alliances.
  • Labyrinth Lord ● A retroclone of Basic/Expert D&D.
  • Lady Blackbird ● A game, a setting and a starting adventure all in one; a collage of recent innovations in gaming.
  • Lairshare ● A game about sharing a house with galactic dictators.
  • Lamentations Of The Fire Princess ● Weird fantasy role-playing.
  • Lasers & Feelings ● 'You are the crew of the interstellar scout ship Raptor.'
  • Legendary Lives ● A nostalgic fantasy role-playing game.
  • Leviathans ● 'Leviathans is a steampunk game that simulates combat between warships that have taken to the air in an alternate history 1910.'
  • Libre: The Open Source Card Game ● 'In a time where time wasn't, Seven Factions struggle for Liberation of the others so that they may live free and without struggle. This is the world of Libre.'
  • Little Wars ● A storytelling game HG Wells played with his children.
  • Locus ● 'Locus is a set of roleplaying game rules for people who enjoy roleplaying but don't enjoy tedious combat, hard-to-remember rules, large tables, or restricted setting-bound play.'
  • Longshot ● A science fiction Western.
  • LORE ● The Lightweight Universal Roleplaying System.
  • Lost Souls ● Play a lost soul returned from beyond the grave.
  • Lycadian ● An elaborate fantasy setting and accompanying rules engine.
  • Machine of Death (game) ● A game of creative assassination.
  • Magic Sword ● A project to clone and improve upon D&D 4E.
  • Magpie Codex ● A light and generic fantasy RPG.
  • Making the Bigs ● A baseball role-playing game remix
  • Malmsturm ● A German fantasy game based on FATE.
  • Man & Ubermensch ● A fascist super replaces the US president during WWII.
  • Maschine Zeit ● The story of the beginning of the Machine Age.
  • Masks ● 'Masks is a pen-and-paper role-playing game of super powered heroes, with addictive character generation and comic-book combat pacing.'
  • Mayhem Academy ● Enrol at a private school for tomorrow's amoral killing machines.
  • Mazes & Perils ● 'Mazes & Perils is a game of imagination and role playing in a fantasy world, suitable for ages 10 and up.'
  • Meatbot Massacre ● A fun and engaging game of gladiatorial battles in the far future, where the dice you gather determines your actions for that round.
  • Men of Stones ● This is a game of drama, of desires, motivations, and downfalls.
  • Men Of Stones ● 'This is a game of drama, of desires, motivations, and downfalls. You play characters caught up in a devastating circle of events that can lead only to a tragic fall.'
  • MentorsAn RPG about troubled youth with superpowers, and the benevolent counselors and social workers who just want to make a difference in their lives--and exploit their powers for nefarious purposes.
  • Metafiction ● A short RPG about those who can travel through fiction.
  • Metropole Luxury Coffin ● The Metropole Luxury Coffin is home to the dregs of society. You’re not like them, though. You’re going to get out of here someday.
  • Microcosm ● A game from Amagi Games.
  • Microlite20 ● A simplified version of the d20 System.
  • Microlite20 4E ● Play a simpler, lighter D&D 4E
  • Midgard ● Play a viking hero on epic adventures.
  • Midian ● An intricate and lengthy RPG of dark fantasy.
  • Mini Six ● A short and sweet take on the d6 System.
  • Minions, Inc ● Play the minion servant of a supervillain.
  • Mirima Tyalie ● A simple fantasy RPG.

Tabletop Game Resources

  • Weapons & Gear ● A Ronin Arts gear book for 4C System.
  • World of Nevermore ● A setting for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
  • You All Meet In A Tavern ● 'As a fledgling adventurer you have decided that the best way to get into the business is by attending the monthly Adventurer-Nite at the local White Griffon Tavern.'
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Sources of Tabletop Games

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