Tabletop Games (Common Content)

Games that you play face-to-face with others.

This page shows all shareable games. For a list that only contains free, libre and open works, see Tabletop Games (Libre)

For more details on the laws surrounding tabletop gaming copyright, see Protection from Chaos.

Tabletop Games

  • Mirima Tyalie ● A simple fantasy RPG.
  • Mist-Robed Gate ● 'Which is more important: your desire or your life? In the martial arts underworld of Mist-Robed Gate, you can never have both.'
  • Mobile Frame Zero ● 'A tense, tactical game of giant robot squad battle!'
  • Monsters Menace Monopoly ● Spice up your Monopoly game with Godzilla.
  • MULRAH ● An RPG that has undergone considerable changes in recent versions.
  • MurderHobos"MurderHobos gets to the meat of dungeon crawling: killing things and taking their stuff."
  • Muse ● A collaborative storytelling game.
  • Mutant Future ● Post-apocalyptic role-playing compatible with Labyrinth Lord.
  • Mutant Hunter ● Uses a handful of Warhammer 40K miniatures.
  • Mutants & Masterminds ● A d20 superhero RPG.
  • My Darn Ex-Wife ● Play a squid mechanic or a redneck father in this Hackbird.
  • My Supernatural Romance ● An RPG for couples, originally inspired by True Blood, Twilight, Let the Right One In, Buffy, and other tales of star-crossed vampire-human romances.
  • Myriad ● A rules-light modular generic RPG.
  • Myth & Magic ● An adaptation of 2E AD&D.
  • Mythender"Mythender is a roleplaying adventure game about stabbing gods in the face and sundering every mythic being until there’s none left."
  • Nameless Horror ● A horror RPG.
  • Necronautica ● A game of heroic soldiers fighting against an alien invasion.
  • New Realms"Yet ANOTHER Universal Anime RPG."
  • News Hole ● A LARP about the death of journalism.
  • Noteworthy ● The only role-playing game where the characters are all bloggers.
  • Not-Too-Silly Stories ● A rules-light, GMless game designed for children.
  • Number Appearing ● A Dungeon World supplement.
  • Old Messila ● Billy the Kid is on a train to Old Messila, doomed to hanging in this Hackbird.
  • Old School Hack ● Trying to capture that sweet spot in a new way.
  • ● A Dungeon World database.
  • Once I Was A WarriorA "meditation on fate, growing older and how people change over time."
  • One Page Dungeon Contest 2012 ● Over a hundred one-page dungeons.
  • One Shot ● 'A Roleplaying Game of Sacrifice and Vengeance'
  • Open Adventure ● 'Open Adventure is a full-featured tabletop adventure game that offers out-of-box support for medieval fantasy and science-fiction expeditions.'
  • Open4E ● 'This system is intended to be a streamlined and open tactical RPG. The primary source of inspiration is Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.'
  • OpenD6 ● The popular D6 System finally released as open.
  • OpenQuest ● A complete and easy to play fantasy roleplaying game, with monsters, magic and exotic locales. OpenQuest uses the classic D100 rules mechanic, which uses percentages to express the chance of success or failure.
  • Orcus ● A clone of D&D 4E.
  • Organic Rules Components ● A role-playing game that promises to model physics and biology.
  • Osprey ● A generic role-playing engine.
  • OSRIC ● A retroclone of 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Ostermark: The Butterforger ● A surreal game of the law set in the Old World.
  • Pantheon ● 'Pantheon is a storytelling game about a hero’s journey and the trials devised by the gods.'
  • Passing ● Passing is a simple, rules light RPG about paranoia, racism and identity. Also: vampires.
  • Pathfinder ● A role-playing game based on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.
  • Perfect20 ● A variant on D&D 3e.
  • PFSRD ● A collection of Pathfinder official and third party materials.
  • Phantom 52 ● 'A supernatural storytelling RPG'
  • Phylo'Phylo is: (1) a card game that makes use of the wonderful, complex, and inspiring things that inform the notion of biodiversity; (2) an exercise in crowd sourcing, [free] access, and [transparent] game development; and (3) FREAKIN’ AWESOME!'
  • Piecepack ● A set of pieces you can use to play many games.
  • Pirate Game ● A roleplaying game set on a water world.
  • Pirate Squad ● A Dungeon Squad hack for piratical adventures.
  • Plastic Attack ● A miniatures game that uses plastic soldiers.
  • Pollies ● A generic dice-based RPG.
  • Post Apoc-Bird ● A Lady Blackbird hack set in a distant, post-apocalyptic future.

Tabletop Game Resources

  • Weapons & Gear ● A Ronin Arts gear book for 4C System.
  • World of Nevermore ● A setting for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
  • You All Meet In A Tavern ● 'As a fledgling adventurer you have decided that the best way to get into the business is by attending the monthly Adventurer-Nite at the local White Griffon Tavern.'
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