Tabletop Games (Common Content)

Games that you play face-to-face with others.

This page shows all shareable games. For a list that only contains free, libre and open works, see Tabletop Games (Libre)

For more details on the laws surrounding tabletop gaming copyright, see Protection from Chaos.

Tabletop Games

  • Spellchrome ● A classless version of the d20 System.
  • Spellcraft & Swordplay ● A retro role-playing game that combines Chainmail and Original Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Spirit of the Century ● Pulp two-fisted adventure in the 1930s.
  • Spite ● 'Spite: The Second Book of Pandemonium is a new game of supernatural horror-action.'
  • SRD5 ● A clone of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.
  • Standard Method for Tasks Resolution in Role-Playing Games"This work is a very simple method for the task resolution during RPG sessions."
  • Star Blades ● Science fiction role-playing using the original Dungeons & Dragons rules.
  • Star Empire ● Arcade gamers are recruited for a stellar war.
  • Star Quest ● A science fiction game and a setting with no strict cannon.
  • Star Wreck ● An RPG based on the movies that parodied Star Trek.
  • Steampunkfitters ● A roleplaying game that celebrates the sense of possibility in the Victorian era.
  • Steel and Flame ● A more pulpy swords and sorcery esq RPG
  • Stories System ● A generic rules-lite game engine.
  • Story Games Names Project ● A big book of names from different cultures.
  • Storyleaves ● A solitaire game that tells a story.
  • student/ZOMBIE ● A survival horror RPG about zombies, and school shootings.
  • Sufficiently Advanced Technologies ● A 16-player LARP inspired by Doctor Who.
  • Super Hero Fun ● A tabletop RPG.
  • Super Repo ● 'It’s a comedic superhero game, wherein you play people with superpowers who chose to work a mundane job rather than fight crime.'
  • Superliga ● A d20-based game dedicated to gonzo gaming.
  • Sweet20 ● Bringing indie sensibilities to the d20 System.
  • Swords & Wizardry ● A retroclone of original and whitebox Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Synergy ● An open-source, rules-light, role playing game that does not rely on a “game master” or similar role to manage the game.
  • Take-Back-Toe ● A simple, abstract board game.
  • Tale of Navri ● An adventure game set on a skyship.
  • Talislanta ● A role-playing game without any elves.
  • Tannenberg 4 ● 'Tannenberg 4 is a wargame about the Russian offensive into East Prussia 1914, later known as The Battle of Tannenberg.'
  • Tea Party ● Play Sarah Palin or Joe the Plumber in this Lady Blackbird hack.
  • Tech Noir ● A cyberpunk game that uses a d20.
  • Telgrathia ● A fantasy game based on Blackjack.
  • Ten Thousand Worlds ● A game which allows you to describe almost anything based on its 'levels'.
  • Terror Of The Serpent Men ● Dan Dynamo - renowned pulp hero - is playing host to the gorgeous Princess Aphasia of the Venusians.
  • The 52 Pages ● An old school tabletop RPG with each concept explained on one page.
  • The Age of Shadow ● A role-playing game designed for one of the most popular fantasy trilogies of all time.
  • The Beggar's Opera (RPG) ● An experimental RPG based on the John Gay play of the same name.
  • The Big Brown Book ● A take on 0E D&D that avoids using d20s altogether.
  • The Carnival of Dreams ● A Swords Without Master adventure.
  • The Devil, John Moulton ● 'The Devil, John Moulton is a game about demon summoning outlaws in the American old west.'
  • The Devil's Brood ● A Plantagenet family drama LARP for 7-9 players
  • The Dreaming Crucible ● A story about troubled adolescents travelling to Faerie.
  • The Faces of Angels ● A story of those with inhuman power and very human relationships.
  • The Far Towers ● Play travelling enforcers and heroes putting wrongs to right.
  • The Fifth World ● %%form_data{intro}%%
  • The Fifth World ● Humans after civilisation - a tabletop roleplaying game that has been extensively revised.
  • The GAME System ● The Generic Action Mediation System is designed to give players flexibility in the powers they design.
  • The Great Tournament ● Play a martial artist attending the greatest tournament ever held.
  • The Last Challenge ● Old warriors gather round a campfire to tell stories of their exploits and prepare for the final battle of their careers.
  • The Logic of Tales & Dreams ● Once upon a time, there was a writer who wrote a story game that doesn't exist. This is that game.
  • The Modern Path ● A tabletop RPG.
  • The Mustang ● A short game about three youths who confront a demon horse.

Tabletop Game Resources

  • Weapons & Gear ● A Ronin Arts gear book for 4C System.
  • World of Nevermore ● A setting for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
  • You All Meet In A Tavern ● 'As a fledgling adventurer you have decided that the best way to get into the business is by attending the monthly Adventurer-Nite at the local White Griffon Tavern.'
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