Video (Shareable Works)

Creative works that are mainly moving picture.

This page shows all shareable videos. For a list that only contains free, libre and open works, see Video (Libre)

Best films in the public domain


  • A Story of HealingThe first CC licensed Academy Award winning film.
  • Big Buck BunnyA whimsical movie where three rodents get their just deserts.
  • Big Buck Bunny Loves Creative CommonsWhy Creative Commons matters.
  • Caminandes'Inspired by the good old Chuck Jones cartoons, this -very- short movie shows the problems a little guanaco (llama cousin) has when trying to cross the roads of Southern Patagonia, in South America.'
  • CatastroikaA documentary about privatisation.
  • Code SchoolLearn to program.
  • Credit Is DueA song by Nina Paley about attribution.
  • DebtocracyA documentary about the debt crisis.
  • Deconstructing Masculinity'Deconstructing Masculinity is an animated short documentary about gender norms and especially focussed on masculinity, the problem with the idea of violent masculinity.'
  • Dublab's #cc10 mixAn hour of music created for CC's 10th birthday.
  • DynamoA sci-fi/fantasy webseries.
  • Elephants DreamA short and surreal movie about an old man and his grandson.
  • Entropy Killed the CatA movie.
  • Framed!!Short videos about how law constraints culture.
  • Free Fall'Ramón, a taciturn 12-year-old boy, dream of becoming an astronaut when he grows up. Every night he sneaks away from home to go to his school and dive into its pool, experimenting ingravity as he gently floats, until one jump into the dark water confronts him with the reality of his illusions.'
  • GoldAn online show about competitive role-playing.
  • Hello_worldA blog for three documentaries about open programming languages.
  • La Educación ProhibidaAn independent documentary about alternative education.
  • Las Calles Hablan'A feature length documentary about street art in Barcelona'
  • Living Room'Living room is a musical stop-motion short film about the secret musical life of a group of chewing gums.'
  • Lunatics"Lunatics is a story about the first permanent settlement off of the Earth, in a tiny colony on the Moon near Sinus Iridium."
  • Meet Creative CommonsA video introducing and explaining Creative Commons.
  • Moving Image ContestThe results of a contest to explain the tension between culture and copyright.
  • Nasty Old PeopleThe story of a neo-Nazi looking after four old people waiting to die.
  • Open Access Explained!'What is open access? Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen take us through the world of open access publishing and explain just what it's all about.'
  • Panton DiscussionsConversations about open data in science.
  • SintelA brief fantasy film about a girl's love for her dragon.
  • Sita Sings the BluesA mesmerising and haunting film which combines jazz and Hindu legend
  • Tears of SteelThe results of the Blender Foundation's Mango Project: a sci-fi romance.
  • Tears of Steel (Chinese)A remake of Blender's Tears of Steel
  • Tejid@s Junt@s'[A] fun and active documentary film exploring the relationship and shared story of Workers and Students in the anti-sweatshop movement.'
  • The Adventures of Boris MunchausenA movie animated by 12-15 year olds.
  • The Good GirlA 20-minute long pornographic film.
  • The Internet's Own BoyA documentary about Aaron Swartz.
  • The Toxies'The Toxies is a satirical red carpet awards ceremony for toxic chemicals and pollutants.'
  • TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from KeyboardA documentary about a court case against The Pirate Bay
  • TubeA movie, still in production.
  • Wealth Inequality in AmericaAn informative YouTube video.
  • Where Are The Joneses?A British comedy about a woman seeking her long-lost siblings.
  • Why Open Education MattersA contest where people were asked to 'Create a short video that explains the benefits and promise of Open Educational Resources for teachers, students and schools everywhere.'

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