Complete List of Codes

The codes used on this site.

The Link entry is to link to another page on this wiki. Type this to create an internal link.

The Tag entry is one of the tags you should give to a page after you've saved it.

Works, Sources and Supplements

  • If it is a work, give it the work tag
  • If it is a source, give it the source tag

If not listed here

To find out what the Link and Tag details are for a page, go to the page.

Internal Link

Type [/AAA BBB] where AAA is the page stub and BBB is the page title.

Page stub: The bit after For example, the stub for the Lunduke page is 'entry:lunduke' because its URL is

Title: The title of the page.

Therefore to link to Lunduke, you would type [/entry:lunduke Lunduke].


To find out the page's tag, scroll to the bottom of the source’s entry and click Options > Page Source. The entry next to ‘code’ or 'unique identifier' is the source’s tag.


Category Link Tag Subcategories (tags)
Art [/category:art Art] art 3D Art (3d-art); Raster Art (raster-art); Vector Art (vector-art); Comics (comic); Photographs (photo); Pixel Art (pixel); Textures (texture)
Electronic Game [/category:electronic-game Electronic Game] electronic-game Platform Game (platform-game)
Fonts [/category:font Font] font None
Hardware [/category:hardware Hardware] hardware None
Information [/category:information Information] information Book (book), Blog (blog), Journal (journal), Data (data), Gift Guide (gift-guide)
Licences [/category:licences Licences] licence Free Cultural Licences (free-culture)
Literature [/category:literature Literature] literature Novel (novel), Character (character), Short Story (short-story), Audiobook (audiobook)
Music [/category:music Music] music Sound Effect (sound-effect), Sheet Music (sheet-music)
Recipes [category:recipe Recipe] recipe None
Software [/category:software Software] software Graphic Design (graphic-design)
Tabletop Game [/category:tabletop-game Tabletop Game] tabletop-game Role-Playing Game (rpg); Solitaire Game (solitaire); Live Action Roleplaying Game (larp), Retroclone (retroclone), Boardgame (boardgame), Miniatures Game (miniatures-game)
Video [/category:video Video] video Film (film), Music Video (music-video), Series (series)

Genres, Platforms and Engines

Genres, Themes, Topics, Agendas

List of genres

These all follow the same pattern. XXX is the name of the genre:

Genre Link Tag
XXX [/genre:XXX XXX] XXX

For example:

Genre Link Tag
Action [/genre:action Action] action
Anime [/genre:anime Anime] anime
Dungeon [/genre:dungeon Dungeon] dungeon


Category Link Tag
Linux [/platform:linux Linux] linux
Macintosh [/platform:mac Mac] mac
Windows [/platform:windows Windows] windows
Apple iOS [/platform:ios iOS] ios
HTML5 [/platform:html5 HTML5] html5


List of engines

These all follow the same pattern. XXX is the name of the engine:

Engine Link Tag
XXX [/genre:XXX XXX] XXX

For example:

Engine Syntax Tag
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons [/engine:advanced-dungeons-dragons Advanced Dungeons & Dragons] advanced-dungeons-dragons
Apocalypse World [/engine:apocalypse-world Apocalypse World] apocalypse-world-engine
Basic Dungeons & Dragons [/engine:basic-dungeons-dragons Basic Dungeons & Dragons] basic-dungeons-dragons


List of languages

These all follow the same pattern. XXX is the name of the language:

Language Link Tag
XXX [/genre:XXX XXX] XXX

For example:

Language Syntax Tag
German [/language:german German] german
Polish [/language:polish Polish] polish
Spanish [/language:spanish Spanish] spanish

(Note also:)

Other Languages [/list:languages Other Languages] other-language

Openness, Statuses and Licences


Openness Syntax Tag
Libre [/openness:libre Libre] libre
Proprietary [/openness:proprietary Proprietary] proprietary


Status Syntax Tag
Copyleft [/status:copyleft Copyleft] copyleft
Noncommercial [/status:noncommercial Noncommercial] noncommercial
Permissive [/status:permissive Permissive] permissive
Public Domain [/status:pd Public Domain] pd
Verbatim [/status:verbatim Verbatim] verbatim


Licence Syntax Tag
BSD License [/licence:bsd BSD License] bsd
Creative Commons Attribution [/licence:by Creative Commons Attribution] by
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives [/licence:by-nd Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives] by-nd
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial [/licence:by-nc Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial] by-nc
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives [/licence:by-nc-nd Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives] by-nc-nd
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike [/licence:by-nc-sa Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike] by-nc-sa
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike [/licence:by-sa Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike] by-sa
Creative Commons Zero [/licence:cc0 Creative Commons Zero] cc0
GNU Affero General Public License [/licence:agpl GNU Affero Public License] agpl
GNU Free Documentation License [/licence:fdl GNU Free Documentation License] fdl
GNU General Public License [/licence:gpl GNU General Public License] gpl
Jenny Everywhere Declaration [/licence:jed Jenny Everywhere Declaration] jed
Open Game License [/licence:ogl Open Game License] ogl
OpenContent License [/licence:opl OpenContent License] opl
SIL Open Font License [/licence:ofl SIL Open Font License] ofl

From this pattern you should be able to figure out the other licences.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License