intro: 'Libre works can be shared both in original form and after being adapted, though there may be some conditions on their use.'
details: "There are a number of different definitions of libre, including the Open Definition and the Definition of Free Cultural Works\n\nNo matter what the definition, libre content can be shared and adapted by any person for any purpose, including commercial purposes. The only requirements are minor, and include attribution (you need to give credit to those whose work you're using) and copyleft (if you use the content in your own work, your work has to be under the same licence as the content you use).\n\nSubcategories:\n* Public domain\n* Permissive\n* Copyleft"
code: 'libre,permissive,copyleft,sa,pdc,ogl,ofl,gpl,lgpl,agpl,jed,cc0,pd,by,by-sa,openpub,opengov,fal,fdl,bsd'

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