Danse Macabre

intro: 'An RPG about confronting, and playing, Death'
site: 'http://www.miserytourism.com/dansemacabre/'
details: "Danse Macabre is a role-playing game about death. It’s a game about dying well or clinging futilely to life, about accepting the inevitable or being dragged into the void by your shoelaces. It’s a chance to reflect on losing life and an opportunity to play Death. It’s the last RPG you’ll ever have to play.\n\nFeatures include:\n\n Gameplay rooted in the medieval traditions of the Memento Mori, Ars Moriendi (“The Art of Dying”) and Danse Macabre (the dance of death) and inspired by more recent artistic works about death, like The Seventh Seal.\n \n Visceral music mechanics allow players to recreate the dance of death.\n \n Low prep and flexible character creation allow you to experience death in any setting and at any time.\n \n An opportunity to play as a personified Death, or to confront Death and demand answers.\n \nHave fun facing the sad truth of your own mortality in your living room with your close friends!"
source: 'Misery Tourism Games'
cost: ''
category: 'Tabletop Game (Story Game)'
genre: ''
licence: ''
status: ''
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code: danse-macabre

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