A game system based on the mechanic: dice roll + invoked and tagged Aspects.


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  • A Spark in Fate Core'This is an expansion of the (soon to be) award winning Fate Core, focussing on the process of collaborative world building. It includes some of the concepts found in The Spark RPG and helps you build an engaging setting with a history, fraught with danger and potential for growth.'
  • "and Bake For 15 Minutes" Fudge"a simple character creation and brief game play paradigm for Grey Ghost Press's Fudge RPG"
  • DiasporaSingularity FATE-based role-playing.
  • FATE 2EA universal game based on the FATE engine.
  • Fate Accelerated EditionA lite version of the fractal role-playing game Fate.
  • Fate Core SystemAn extended version of the fractal role-playing game Fate.
  • Fate System ToolkitA toolkit for the Fate tabletop RPG.
  • Free FATEA free, expanded version of FATE.
  • F-SharpThe bare bones of FATE.
  • FudgeAn early generic RPG.
  • MalmsturmA German fantasy game based on FATE.
  • MULRAHAn RPG that has undergone considerable changes in recent versions.
  • Spirit of the CenturyPulp two-fisted adventure in the 1930s.
  • ThetisA world of nautical fantasy adventure.
  • Tri-Fold FATEThe basic rules of FATE on three pages.


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