Games based on John Harper's Lady Blackbird.


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  • Alien SurvivorFight off the alien menace in this Lady Blackbird hack.
  • Always/Never/NowA Lady Blackbird-esque RPG.
  • As The Tea Leaves GrowSmall Toad – youngest student of Master Iron Willow – gave the rarest tea flower in Master Iron Willow's considerable collection to a passing beauty.
  • Blackbird PieA semi-open, generic Hackbird.
  • Bloody Forks Of The OhioA Lady Blackbird hack where George Washington faces off against the French.
  • Bugs of VenusEarth has been under siege for 200 years.
  • Castle BlackbirdA Gothic horror role-playing game.
  • Darkening SkiesAn unofficial sequel to Lady Blackbird.
  • Death SchoolAmerica's enemies attack a school for elite agents.
  • Escape from ThanatosA Space Opera where one takes on the roles of Captain Talia Mercury, Merchant Prince Marcus Dunn, ageing Space Knight Sir Lux Angelo, Francisco - Talia's stalwart companion, and Mona - a mysterious stowaway as they crash land on the planet Thanatos after escaping the Omegan Empire!
  • Gundam BlackbirdA Hackbird inspired by Gundam.
  • It Came From The Wide Blue YonderCthulhu medieval supers.
  • Lady BlackbirdA game, a setting and a starting adventure all in one; a collage of recent innovations in gaming.
  • Lady Blackbird CompanionA setting and rules companion to Lady Blackbird.
  • Making the BigsA baseball role-playing game remix
  • Man & UbermenschA fascist super replaces the US president during WWII.
  • My Darn Ex-WifePlay a squid mechanic or a redneck father in this Hackbird.
  • Old MessilaBilly the Kid is on a train to Old Messila, doomed to hanging in this Hackbird.
  • Post Apoc-BirdA Lady Blackbird hack set in a distant, post-apocalyptic future.
  • Robot Hamlet vs Richard IIIRobot Hamlet and his companions have been abandoned on the terrifying Ghost Asteroid by the villainous robot Richard III.
  • Tea PartyPlay Sarah Palin or Joe the Plumber in this Lady Blackbird hack.
  • Terror Of The Serpent MenDan Dynamo - renowned pulp hero - is playing host to the gorgeous Princess Aphasia of the Venusians.


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