Johnstone Metzger

A game designer.

Categories and types

Tabletop Game (RPG)





Specifically for Dungeon World

DW Supplements

Johnstone released the entire text of RK1: Knives in the Dark as CC BY-SA; he released the custom rules section of DW 1: Lair of the Unknown as CC BY-SA (and the rest under no licence).

The text for Adventures on Dungeon Planet is also CC BY-SA. The images and book itself are under one of the NC licences.

Sources and related works

Patreon (funding method; Patreon page; still deciding on a licence)

  • Adventures on Dungeon Planet'Adventures on Dungeon Planet is a science fantasy supplement for the award-winning role-playing game Dungeon World.'
  • Evil Wizards in a Cave'Evil Wizards in a Cave is a short adventure module compatible with both the Dungeon World and Labyrinth Lord fantasy role-playing games.'
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