A set of pieces you can use to play many games.

Categories and types

Tabletop Game


Public domain

Website: http://www.piecepack.org/



  • Tabletop Croquet (FDL)
  • Tabletop Bocce (FDL)
  • TMAG: The Martian Assassination Game (FDL)
  • The Sorcerer's Chamber (FDL)
  • Slides of Action (FDL)
  • Volcano Island (BY-NC-SA)
  • Venice (FDL)
  • Taxi Cab (FDL)
  • Tower of Babel (FDL)
  • The "In" Crowd (FDL)
  • Wormholes (FDL)
  • Worm Derby (FDL)
  • Whirlpool Pond (FDL)
  • Tula (public domain)
  • Tula Variants (public domain)
  • Snowman Meltdown (FDL)
  • Scavenger Hunt (FDL)
  • Scavenge (FDL)
  • Sarcophagus (FDL)
  • San Andreas (public domain)
  • Sailboat Regatta (FDL)
  • Reflec (public domain)
  • Quatri (public domain)
  • Ppolf (FDL)
  • Piecepack Dodg'em (public domain)
  • Piece-Chisi (public domain)
  • PieceGaps (FDL)
  • Pharaoh's Heir (FDL)
  • The Penguin Game (public domain)
  • Pawns Crossing (public domain)
  • Palazzo (FDL)
  • PackKub (FDL)
  • Nine Ball (FDL)
  • Plans of Action (informal copyleft licence)
  • Mathrix (FDL)
  • Martian Treasure Hunt (FDL)
  • Magic Mids (FDL)
  • Landrush (FDL)
  • Lab Rats (FDL)
  • Knight's Tour Redux (FDL)
  • King's Cottage (FDL)
  • Jul-Gonu (public domain)
  • IceFlow (FDL)
  • Global Warming (FDL)
  • Fujisan (public domain)
  • Four Field Kono (public domain)
  • Four Blind Mice (public domain)
  • Everest (FDL)
  • Evade (FDL)
  • Epic Funhouse (FDL)
  • Kidsprout Jumboree (FDL)
  • Easy Slider (FDL)
  • Dragon's Hoard (FDL)
  • Delegate Dash (public domain)
  • Deduction (FDL)
  • Croc Hop (FDL)
  • Colonization (FDL)
  • City Council (FDL)
  • Chinese Checkers (FDL)
  • Chariots (FDL)
  • Castle Croquetnole (FDL)
  • Coin Collectors (FDL)
  • Cell Management (FDL)
  • Brain Burn (FDL)
  • Black Thursday (FDL)
  • Bid! (FDL)
  • Black Pawn Trucking (FDL)
  • The Assassination Game Le (FDL)

Sources and related works

  • Army Brats"Welcome to Fort Biloxi. Your parents have sent you to military school to "help you focus". What could be scarier than military school? How about being one of the new kids? Luckily, you have a cunning plan. You and the other new kids (the other players) are going to try to get expelled so you can go back to public school with all your friends."
  • HexpackAn expansion to the Piecepack.
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