A language.

List of Languages: Other Languages

Works and Supplements

  • Dungeonslayers 3XA fun and rules-lite dungeoncrawl game (editions 3 and 3.5).
  • Dungeonslayers 4A fun and rules-lite dungeoncrawl game (4th edition).
  • MalmsturmA German fantasy game based on FATE.
  • MIERA project to create a drink, the proceeds funding the Pirate Party.
  • Overclocked'Stories of the future present'
  • Shadow of YesterdayA pioneering RPG where characters are defined by their Keys and Secrets.
  • SpacePiratesSpace opera in what appears to be German.
  • The Wealth of the Commons'A new collection of 73 essays that describe the enormous potential of the commons in conceptualizing and building a better future'


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