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Creative Commons

  • Robot Hamlet vs Richard IIIRobot Hamlet and his companions have been abandoned on the terrifying Ghost Asteroid by the villainous robot Richard III.
  • Rosalind Wells, Ambassador to SpaceA five-year-old girl named Rosalind tries to resolve the problems of her alien visitors.
  • Ruritania: 1844A live-action role-playing game set in an alternate pseudo-history.
  • SagaA rules-light narrative game engine.
  • SarrenorA fantasy campaign setting for Dungeon World.
  • Season of GratitudeChristmas songs from ccMixter.
  • Secret Santicore 2011A collection of role-playing material.
  • Shared Creations'Making use of Creative Commons'
  • Shrimp'A realistic peek at people in a suburban American strip-mall dojo, complete with realistic divorce friction and realistic bleak memories.'
  • Smarthistory'Smarthistory at Khan Academy is the leading open educational resource for art history. '
  • Sneaky Cards'Sneaky Cards is designed to encourage, inspire, or facilitate playful interactions. Breaking up the tedium of everyday life, with small entertaining objectives. Each card is created to be unique and develop different kinds of play.'
  • SomnambulanceTeenagers struggle to discover the truth behind their mysterious sleep-walking.
  • Sorcerer's SymposiumA madcap game of magic running out of control at a wizards' conference.
  • Star WreckAn RPG based on the movies that parodied Star Trek.
  • Story Games Names ProjectA big book of names from different cultures.
  • StoryleavesA solitaire game that tells a story.
  • SuperligaA d20-based game dedicated to gonzo gaming.
  • Tale of NavriAn adventure game set on a skyship.
  • Tales of the Grotesque and DungeonesqueHorror role-playing resource.
  • Tea PartyPlay Sarah Palin or Joe the Plumber in this Lady Blackbird hack.
  • Ten Thousand WorldsA game which allows you to describe almost anything based on its 'levels'.
  • The Accessible Icon ProjectUsing a more dynamic disabled access symbol.
  • The Art of CommunityAbout open source, crowdsourcing and community creation from Jono Bacon, the man who runs Wired.
  • The Beggar's Opera (RPG)An experimental RPG based on the John Gay play of the same name.
  • The Commons CollagesCollages created from a number of photos.
  • The Devil's BroodA Plantagenet family drama LARP for 7-9 players
  • The Faces of AngelsA story of those with inhuman power and very human relationships.
  • The First Year of Our REIGNSupplements 1 to 6 for REIGN.
  • The Free Culture GameA game about commercialisation of content.
  • The Internet's Own BoyA documentary about Aaron Swartz.
  • The Kingdom of NainA wizarding setting for REIGN. (REIGN Supplement #13)
  • The Last ChallengeOld warriors gather round a campfire to tell stories of their exploits and prepare for the final battle of their careers.
  • The MustangA short game about three youths who confront a demon horse.
  • The Public DomainA book on copyright, copyleft and everything else.
  • The Second Year of Our REIGNSupplements 7 to 12 for REIGN.
  • The SlipAn album from Nine Inch Nails.
  • The Social Media Reader'Culling a broad range and incorporating different styles of scholarship from foundational pieces and published articles to unpublished pieces, journalistic accounts, personal narratives from blogs, and whitepapers, The Social Media Reader promises to be an essential text, with contributions from Lawrence Lessig, Henry Jenkins, Clay Shirky, Tim O'Reilly, Chris Anderson, Yochai Benkler, danah boyd, and Fred von Loehmann, to name a few.'
  • The Third Year of Our REIGNThree alternative settings for REIGN.
  • The Trial of PolandThe rise of Solidarity in Poland.
  • The Wealth of NetworksA book on the information networks made possible by the Internet.
  • Theatre Is Evil'Theatre Is Evil is a studio album by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra produced by John Congleton.'
  • These People Mean Nothing To Each Other'Four short pieces form something greater than the sum of their parts.'
  • ThetisA world of nautical fantasy adventure.
  • Threshold - Tragic SuperheroesSick people become superheroes.
  • Thrilling Noir StoriesA rules-light RPG for the noir genre.
  • Time & TempTime & Temp is a game of time travel and underemployment for 3 to 5 players.
  • Tiny TrianglesPlay mice champions for whom it's not how you fight but what you fight for.
  • Torus One"Torus One RPG is a science fiction role-playing game, where all the action happens in a crowded ring-shaped space station with a circumference of 1609 meters."
  • TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from KeyboardA documentary about a court case against The Pirate Bay
  • TransontologyOpen source (well, semi-open) religion.
  • Dungeon SquadThe engine of the simple dungeoneering game of the same name by Jason Morningstar.
  • DungeonslayersThe engine supporting the 3rd and 4th editions of Dungeonslayers.
  • HackbirdGames based on John Harper's Lady Blackbird.
  • SFX! SystemThe Simple, Fast, Exciting RPG system.
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