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Creative Commons

  • Is It Open Data?"We've made it easy for you to make enquiries to data holders about the openness of the material they hold — and to record publicly the results of those efforts."
  • JazzA flexible and easy-to-use game system drawn from many sources.
  • Konkani Vishkawosh'Konkani Vishwakosh is a four-volume hard copy encyclopedia (3632 pages) published by Goa University; a work that took over 14 years to develop.'
  • Las Calles Hablan'A feature length documentary about street art in Barcelona'
  • Libre Graphics MagazineA magazine focused on GIMP, Inkscape and other open source graphics software — as well as the art created from that software.
  • LibrebusA project to raise awareness of libre.
  • Light And Matter'This is an introductory text intended for a one-year introductory course of the type typically taken by biology majors, or for AP Physics B.'
  • LinvixA Spanish language Linux magazine.
  • List of Open Source ProgramsList of Open Source Programs for Windows
  • littleBits'An opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping and play'
  • Living Room'Living room is a musical stop-motion short film about the secret musical life of a group of chewing gums.'
  • Lunatics"Lunatics is a story about the first permanent settlement off of the Earth, in a tiny colony on the Moon near Sinus Iridium."
  • MidgardPlay a viking hero on epic adventures.
  • Mimi and EuniceA webcomic which often covers copyright-related issues.
  • MonkStoryA simple HTML5 game made for the Liberated Pixel Cup.
  • MurderHobos"MurderHobos gets to the meat of dungeon crawling: killing things and taking their stuff."
  • National Repository of Open Educational Resources'National Repository of Open Educational Resources offers resources for all school subjects and grades in multiple languages. The resources are available in the form of concept maps, videos, audio clips, talking books, multimedia, learning objects, photographs, diagrams, charts, articles, wikipages and textbooks.'
  • Neverwell MoorA game where you wander around exploring an island.
  • OER@AVUAcademic material from African universities.
  • Oil ContractsUnderstanding how oil contracts work - over 200 pages.
  • On the Commons'On the Commons (OTC) is a commons movement strategy center founded in 2001. [Its] purpose is to activate the emergence of a commons-based society'.
  • One Page Dungeon Contest 2012Over a hundred one-page dungeons.
  • One Shot'A Roleplaying Game of Sacrifice and Vengeance'
  • Open Adventure'Open Adventure is a full-featured tabletop adventure game that offers out-of-box support for medieval fantasy and science-fiction expeditions.'
  • Open Educational Resources in the People’s Republic of China"IITE has published a new analytical survey “Open Educational Resources in the People’s Republic of China: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects for Development” prepared by Chunyan Wang and Guodong Zhao."
  • Open Minded CEOsA book.
  • Open Source Beehives'Sensor enhanced hive designs for bees'
  • Open the FutureA futurism blog.
  • OpenChemAn entire chemistry curriculum.
  • Oppia'Oppia is a tool for creating interactive online activities that enable students to learn by doing.'
  • OSVehicleDownload car designs.
  • Perspectives on Open and Distance Learning'[D]escribes the [OER] movement in detail, providing readers with insight into OER’s significant benefits, its theory and practice, and its achievements and challenges.'
  • Phantom 52'A supernatural storytelling RPG'
  • #PHONARUndergraduate photography class.
  • PICOLA pictoral communication language.
  • Pixel QuestA simple HTML5 game where you wander around avoiding enemies.
  • Poetics for CosmonautsA book.
  • Producing Open Source Software"How to Run a Successful Free Software Project"
  • Project Utopia'A strategy card game set in the fictional world of Project Utopia.'
  • Quest-ions'Quest-ions is a fantasy roleplaying game with a novel mechanic using tokens.'
  • Rainbow Deck'The Rainbow Deck is a card game system that has a total of 162 cards.'
  • Rathole Radio'Rathole Radio is a fortnightly Internet radio show featuring the best in new music from around the web, with occasional interviews and exclusive live performances to boot.'
  • Realms of WonderRules-lite, classless, nostalgic RPG.
  • Right To MusicA free, fair, independent music advocacy group.
  • Right2RemixAdvocating for legal remixing.
  • Rookvale'Rookvale is a [tabletop] game of cinematic tactical combat [with demons]'
  • RunebearerA fantasy game which draws on several different RPG systems.
  • School DazeAn RPG about high school.
  • ScrabblenautsA game where spelling words with Scrabble tiles affects what happens in the story.
  • Sita Sings the BluesA mesmerising and haunting film which combines jazz and Hindu legend
  • CC-PROA rebranding of the CC BY-SA licence to emphasise its value to professionals.
  • Liberated Pixel Cup"Liberated Pixel Cup is a two-part competition: make a bunch of awesome free culture licensed artwork, and then program a bunch of free software games that use it."
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