Hampshire College Free Software Recommendations Hampshire College's recommended FLOSS for students.
hananmisery A musician.
Harvard Library Open Metadata Metadata from the Harvard Library.

From Harvard University.

Heifervescent A catchy one-man band.

Download all the music gratis on Jamendo

Hereticwerks A blog of roleplaying content.
HG Wells A famous author.
Hungry Lucy A band that blends pop, haunting vocals and other styles.

Also available on Jamendo (here).

|| A third-party site that allows you to CC license your Instagram photos.
iCommons "iCommons is a registered UK charity that promotes collaboration among proponents of open education, access to knowledge, free software, open access publishing and free culture communities around the world."

Incubated by Creative Commons.

Incompetech Royalty-free music

The whole collection can be bought for $78.

Independent Australia News.
Institute of Network Cultures An institute which studies media, networks and the Internet.
Interactivities Ink A creator of games you can print and play.

Free Card and Board Games

  • Agricola: The MY Deck
  • Agricola: The Dis Deck
  • Arkham Horror: Choices
  • Arkham Horror: Play Yourself
  • The Aristocrats
  • Code Monkey
  • Corporate Ladder
  • Dominion: The Books of Magic
  • Dominion: Royal Court
  • Dominion: The Scrolls of Power
  • Factories
  • The First of May
  • Haiti (expansion for Puerto Rico)
  • LARPers to LARPers
  • Petting Zoo Gangsta
  • Power Grid: Expansion 1
  • Qwijit
  • Yukk!

LARP Mechanics and Miscellenia

  • Mike's Extremely Noisy Kombat System (MENKs)
  • Penis Goes Where

Mike's Microgames

  • Abattoir
  • Bell the Cat
  • Combat Practice
  • The Creeping Mould
  • Enchanted Laundromat
  • Helga and Tamuz
  • Inside Mike Young's Room
  • The Other, Other, Other All Batman Game
  • A Game of Secret Societies
  • Snugglebunny Ring Wraiths
  • Trick or Treat
  • You Are Drew's Pants

Free 2-4 Hour LARPs

  • Mayday
  • Holiday Season
  • Plan Eight From Outer Space
  • The Road Not Taken
  • The Vanek Version
  • Triple Blind
  • Slash
  • Tempus Frangit
Internet Archive An organisation devoted to permanent access to digital collections.
Internet Archive Book Images Over 2 million images from books digitised on the Internet Archive.
Inventory of FLOSS in the Cultural Heritage Domain Libre software that relates to culture and content.
IssueLab A collection of information.
Italian Constitutional Court Has an experimental open data section.
Italian Government A government.
Jagannath Mohanty An Odia author and academic.
Jamendo A website which only hosts Creative Commons songs.

The following two links should be:

James D Hargrove An author.
James Hutchings 'James Hutchings lives in Melbourne, Australia. His work has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Enchanted Conversation and fiction365 among other markets.'

James Hutchings' Teleleli blog collects public domain art too.

Jason Morningstar Game designer for Bully Pulpit Games.
Jason Rohrer A game designer who writes simple but not simplistic games.
Jeff Moore An RPG author.
Jeff Preston An artist.
Jemex A catchy musician from Brooklyn.

It looks as if the paid version of the Square 1 album has songs that aren't available from Jamendo.

JISC ' JISC is the UK’s expert on information and digital technologies for education and research'
Joe Banner Writes adventures for Dungeon World.
John Sundman An author.
Johnstone Metzger A game designer.
Jonathan Coulton A kooky and popular musician.
Jonathan Mann Wrote a song a day; now over 1700.
Jono Bacon Man who is involved in Ubuntu community, also in a band.
Josh Roby A game designer.
Josh Woodward Josh Woodward writes and sings acoustic rock.

Also available on Jamendo and Patreon (Patreon page)

Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication "The Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication is a quarterly, peer-reviewed open-access publication for original articles, reviews and case studies that analyze or describe the strategies, partnerships and impact of library-led digital projects, online publishing and scholarly communication initiatives."
Journal of Sustainable Development A transdisciplinary international journal published monthly.
Juanitos Retro boogie music.
Justen Brown An author of retroclones.
K-12 Tech Tools 'This website features a collection of free, kid-safe, online resources categorized by subject, grade level, and standard'
K3rnel An electronic game designer.

Participated in the Liberated Pixel Cup contest.

Karen's Whimsy Public domain images scanned from books.
Kassy Key & The Raindoggs A band.
Khan Academy Lessons and tests so you can teach yourself.
La Quadrature du Net 'La Quadrature du Net is an advocacy group defending the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet.'
La Scuola in Chiaro Data about Italian education.

From the Italian Government.

Larry Lessig Founder of Creative Commons.
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License