Libre works can be shared both in original form and after being adapted, though there may be some conditions on their use.

There are a number of different definitions of libre, including the Open Definition and the Definition of Free Cultural Works

No matter what the definition, libre content can be shared and adapted by any person for any purpose, including commercial purposes. The only requirements are minor, and include attribution (you need to give credit to those whose work you're using) and copyleft (if you use the content in your own work, your work has to be under the same licence as the content you use).



  • #COPYWRONGFacts about how Australian copyright law is out of touch.
  • Core ElementsA distillation of the d20 System in just seven pages.
  • Cosmo NoticiasInformation about space.
  • Crash!/Lanterns of The Dead"Crash / Lanterns of the Dead is two game in one: a game about a crashed astronaut, and a game about an alien culture."
  • Creative Commons & Government GuideA guide to using Creative Commons licensing in government.
  • Creative Commons: A User GuideA step-by-step guide to the world of CC licences.
  • Credit Is DueA song by Nina Paley about attribution.
  • CrisisCommons Wiki'A volunteer and project collaborative space for organizing projects and efforts around disaster relief.'
  • Critical!: Go WesterlyA light and light-hearted RPG.
  • Critical Point Of ViewAn INC Reader for Wikipedia.
  • Crossword Maze'You are a little girl, and your ‘quest’ is to find some random letters.'
  • CryptoParty Handbook'This 392 page, Creative Commons licensed handbook is designed to help those with no prior experience to protect their basic human right to Privacy in networked, digital domains.'
  • Cyberpunk RemixThis game is about your crazy friends and family.
  • D100II SRDThis allows you to play the old d100 games.
  • d20 AnimePlay magical girls, sorcerers and mecha pilots using everyone's favourite system.
  • d20 ModernModern role-playing, from occult investigation to special ops and anything in between.
  • d20 Open Mass Combat SystemA free wargame.
  • D6PoolA tabletop RPG set in modern times.
  • Dangers & DweomersA merger of Swords & Wizardry and Basic Fantasy.
  • Dan's Diminutive D20Quick and easy d20 role-playing.
  • Daring Adventures'Daring Adventures offers quick, no-prep superhero roleplaying, roughly in the style of golden age comics.'
  • Dark DungeonsA tabletop RPG based on the Rules Cyclopedia.
  • Dark PassagesA modern fusion and re-organisation of 0E and 1E rules.
  • Darker DungeonsA tabletop RPG based on a streamlined version of the Rules Cyclopedia.
  • Data Journalism Handbook"[A] free, open source reference book for anyone interested in the emerging field of data journalism."
  • D&D4.5A partial clone of D&D 4E.
  • Death of the Japanese EmperorAn experiential larp for 4-8 players
  • Death Takes A HolidayWhen Death takes a holiday, a hapless family of ghosts must shepherd the dearly departed.
  • DebtocracyA documentary about the debt crisis.
  • Deconstructing Masculinity'Deconstructing Masculinity is an animated short documentary about gender norms and especially focussed on masculinity, the problem with the idea of violent masculinity.'
  • Deep Freeze: Iceland's Economic Collapse'In Deep Freeze, economists Philipp Bagus and David Howden demonstrate that the real cause of the calamity was bad central bank policy.'
  • Department NineOracular spies fighting the future and Greek myths.
  • Design Livre'Design Livre is an attitude, a way of conceiving the design and seek a comprehensive and inclusive look, recognizing designs made by people.' (translated from Portuguese)
  • Destiny SystemA universal RPG.
  • DiagonalA Spanish language periodical.
  • DiasporaSingularity FATE-based role-playing.
  • Dice IconsDice icons.
  • Dictionary of SydneyAbout Sydney.
  • Digital IPA RecipeA recipe for open source beer.
  • Digital Public Library of America'The DPLA is leading the first concrete steps toward the realization of a large-scale digital public library that will make the cultural and scientific record available to all.'
  • DIYLILCNCPlans for a simple, cheap CNC mill.
  • Dominion RulesMedieval classless fantasy role-playing.
  • DonjonA fantasy dungeoncrawl game with significant player narrative control.
  • Doodles & Dragons'n celebration of finishing my year-long effort to draw a cartoon of every single monster in the 2nd Edition AD&D Monstrous Manual, I made a PDF containing a one page World of Dungeons hack along with every one of my cartoons.'
  • Drafting The Gift Domain"an introduction to Open Content projects with respect to how they work, how they are designed, and how they continue to exist alongside Market driven entities."
  • Dragon 2000 All You Can EatA shady Chinese restaurant is the setting for a Fiasco playset.
  • DramaSystem SRDThe basic system of the Hillfolk RPG.
  • Dresden Files RPGA FATE RPG about modern magic.
  • Drupal: The Card Game"In this quick card game 2-4 players compete to earn the most reputation by developing new Drupal modules and building complex websites!"
  • DscriptA new Roman script.


  • Basic Dungeons & DragonsThe mechanics of original and basic D&D.
  • @ccessAn OKFN project to encourage libre open access.
  • CC-PROA rebranding of the CC BY-SA licence to emphasise its value to professionals.
  • d20 SystemThe roleplaying system which first appeared in Dungeons & Dragons 3E.
  • FATEA game system based on the mechanic: dice roll + invoked and tagged Aspects.
  • Liberated Pixel Cup"Liberated Pixel Cup is a two-part competition: make a bunch of awesome free culture licensed artwork, and then program a bunch of free software games that use it."
  • LibrePlanet Gaming CollectiveThe LibrePlanet Gaming Collective is a group of free software activists organized around their enthusiasm for video games.
  • RusałkaA "GMless game of tragic fairy tales"
  • Saga Machine'Saga Machine is a brand new tabletop role-playing system by the Tab Creations Collective.'
  • The First 100 Days of GovernmentThe Abbott Liberal Government's assessment of what it has achieved in its first 100 days.
  • The Public Domain Game JamA competition to create a game inspired by the public domain.
  • The Public Domain ManifestoA statement on the value of the public domain.
  • Who Needs Access? You Need AccessAn OKFN project to increase open access.
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