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  • Lost SoulsPlay a lost soul returned from beyond the grave.
  • Love Is Eternal Sacred LightA Paul Simon song released as common content.
  • Lowering The BarFunny tales of the law.
  • LycadianAn elaborate fantasy setting and accompanying rules engine.
  • Machine of DeathThis book, unlike most others, started its life as an off­hand comment made by a bright green Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Machine of Death (game)A game of creative assassination.
  • Making the BigsA baseball role-playing game remix
  • Management Innovation ExchangeAn open discussion on how to improve management for the 21st century.
  • Maschine ZeitThe story of the beginning of the Machine Age.
  • Mashup BreakdownA visual demonstration of the samples used by Girl Talk.
  • Mayhem AcademyEnrol at a private school for tomorrow's amoral killing machines.
  • Meatbot MassacreA fun and engaging game of gladiatorial battles in the far future, where the dice you gather determines your actions for that round.
  • Merchants' ReachA supplement for Rivers and Lakes that brings wuxia action into a ciy environment, with NPCs, factions and rules for firearms.
  • MetafictionA short RPG about those who can travel through fiction.
  • Metropole Luxury CoffinThe Metropole Luxury Coffin is home to the dregs of society. You’re not like them, though. You’re going to get out of here someday.
  • Microlite20 4EPlay a simpler, lighter D&D 4E
  • MidianAn intricate and lengthy RPG of dark fantasy.
  • MIERA project to create a drink, the proceeds funding the Pirate Party.
  • Minions, IncPlay the minion servant of a supervillain.
  • Mirima TyalieA simple fantasy RPG.
  • Mobile Frame Zero'A tense, tactical game of giant robot squad battle!'
  • Monsters Menace MonopolySpice up your Monopoly game with Godzilla.
  • Moving Image ContestThe results of a contest to explain the tension between culture and copyright.
  • MuseA collaborative storytelling game.
  • Mutant HunterUses a handful of Warhammer 40K miniatures.
  • My Darn Ex-WifePlay a squid mechanic or a redneck father in this Hackbird.
  • My Supernatural RomanceAn RPG for couples, originally inspired by True Blood, Twilight, Let the Right One In, Buffy, and other tales of star-crossed vampire-human romances.
  • Mythender"Mythender is a roleplaying adventure game about stabbing gods in the face and sundering every mythic being until there’s none left."
  • Myths RetoldAn informal take on myth, legend and fairy tale.
  • Nasty Old PeopleThe story of a neo-Nazi looking after four old people waiting to die.
  • NerdCubedA website for nerds with a Minecraft webcomic
  • New Realms"Yet ANOTHER Universal Anime RPG."
  • News HoleA LARP about the death of journalism.
  • Night of the SevensA supplement for Rivers and Lakes containing optional rules and a series of linked quests.
  • Nighty NightA six-track album made in eight hours by Ben Folds, Neil Gaiman, Damian Kulash and Amanda Palmer.
  • No Rock SoloA Spanish language music blog-magazine.
  • No Straight Lines'No Straight Lines offers a plethora of examples of how societies and companies around the world are using technology in a collaborative and innovative way, bringing success to their economy and a meaningful connection between the members of the community.'
  • NoteworthyThe only role-playing game where the characters are all bloggers.
  • Numeros RojosA magazine in Spanish.
  • Old School HackTrying to capture that sweet spot in a new way.
  • omnibus.ioA Dungeon World database.
  • Once I Was A WarriorA "meditation on fate, growing older and how people change over time."
  • One Page Dungeon Contest 2011A collection of rules-free dungeons on one page each.
  • One Roll MonstersRandomly generate monsters for REIGN.
  • One Roll SpellsRandomly generate spells for REIGN.
  • Open Design NowA book about the importance of open design.
  • Open Hardware JournalA journal about open hardware.
  • OpenTest'OpenTest is a Collaborative Assessment Database for OpenEducation.'
  • Out for BloodUnofficial supplement for Feng Shui.
  • Out of the Violent PlanetA REIGN supplement, where humans match alien supertechnology with unrelenting violence. (REIGN Supplement #15)


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  • Catching the WavesReviews of gratis and CC-licensed music.
  • Dungeon SquadThe engine of the simple dungeoneering game of the same name by Jason Morningstar.
  • DungeonslayersThe engine supporting the 3rd and 4th editions of Dungeonslayers.
  • HackbirdGames based on John Harper's Lady Blackbird.
  • SFX! SystemThe Simple, Fast, Exciting RPG system.
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