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  • Overclocked'Stories of the future present'
  • Phylo'Phylo is: (1) a card game that makes use of the wonderful, complex, and inspiring things that inform the notion of biodiversity; (2) an exercise in crowd sourcing, [free] access, and [transparent] game development; and (3) FREAKIN’ AWESOME!'
  • Pirate Cinema"Pirate Cinema successfully follows the same pattern as his previous YA novels, mixing an adventurous, whip smart young main character with a relevant socio-political theme and wrapping all of it in a fast-paced, entertaining story."
  • Pirate GameA roleplaying game set on a water world.
  • Pirate SquadA Dungeon Squad hack for piratical adventures.
  • Plastic AttackA miniatures game that uses plastic soldiers.
  • Post Apoc-BirdA Lady Blackbird hack set in a distant, post-apocalyptic future.
  • Practical SurvivorHow to survive in the wild.
  • Princes Of ArabiaA role-playing game with assassins' and thieves' guilds.
  • Project 74A rules-lite game that works only in conjunction with early editions of Dungeons & Dragons
  • Psychic WarriorPost apocalyptic Dungeon Squad.
  • Putting The Band Back TogetherAnarchy reigns when an obsessive, talentless band reforms for one last tour, heedless of body count.
  • QuasarGeneric sci-fi game rules.
  • Rage, Precognition, GraceOSR Fantasy RPG based on Steve Jackson's "The Fantasy Trip" with updated rules and original races (no elves, dwarves, or halflings).
  • Regret, with Math'Winner of the 2008 Richard Eastman fiction prize, “Regret, With Math” is about a young man who studies the martial arts, or doesn’t, and who dates his former college buddy’'s ex- girlfriend, or doesn’t, and who gets in horrible, life altering trouble. Or possibly doesn’t. It’s also about parallel universe theory.'
  • REIGN Supplement 16A 'grab bag of rules support. Nain, Ardwin and Out of the Violent Planet all get expanded material, but much of it is perfectly adaptable to any REIGN game at all, full stop.'
  • Repository 66A mash-up of the locations of open access repositories.
  • Republic, LostHow money pollutes democracy.
  • Resolute, Adventurer & GeniusA rules-light pulp game.
  • RetrocalypseA Fallout-style RPG based on Old School Hack.
  • Ring of ChangesFight a conspiracy with your cabal of alchemists.
  • Rivers & LakesA slimline historical wuxia game.
  • Robot Hamlet vs Richard IIIRobot Hamlet and his companions have been abandoned on the terrifying Ghost Asteroid by the villainous robot Richard III.
  • Rosalind Wells, Ambassador to SpaceA five-year-old girl named Rosalind tries to resolve the problems of her alien visitors.
  • Ruritania: 1844A live-action role-playing game set in an alternate pseudo-history.
  • SagaA rules-light narrative game engine.
  • SarrenorA fantasy campaign setting for Dungeon World.
  • Save Yourself, Mammal!Hand selected comics from the gratis webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.
  • SCIRES-IT'[P]rovides a forum for the exchange and sharing of know-how in the areas of Digitalization and Multimedia Technologies and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in support of Cultural and environmental Heritage (CH) documentation, preservation and fruition.'
  • Season of GratitudeChristmas songs from ccMixter.
  • Secret Santicore 2011A collection of role-playing material.
  • Shadow-HackA mashup of Old School Hack and Shadowrun.
  • Shared Creations'Making use of Creative Commons'
  • Sharing'Sharing makes a case for the legitimacy and usefulness of non-market sharing between individuals of digital works.'
  • Shrimp'A realistic peek at people in a suburban American strip-mall dojo, complete with realistic divorce friction and realistic bleak memories.'
  • SMAF 17A 'role-playing game where you take the role of survivors in one of what can only be the last of humanity’s outposts.'
  • Smarthistory'Smarthistory at Khan Academy is the leading open educational resource for art history. '
  • Sneaky Cards'Sneaky Cards is designed to encourage, inspire, or facilitate playful interactions. Breaking up the tedium of everyday life, with small entertaining objectives. Each card is created to be unique and develop different kinds of play.'
  • SomnambulanceTeenagers struggle to discover the truth behind their mysterious sleep-walking.
  • Sorcerer's SymposiumA madcap game of magic running out of control at a wizards' conference.
  • Spite'Spite: The Second Book of Pandemonium is a new game of supernatural horror-action.'
  • Star EmpireArcade gamers are recruited for a stellar war.
  • Star QuestA science fiction game and a setting with no strict cannon.
  • Star WreckAn RPG based on the movies that parodied Star Trek.
  • Stories SystemA generic rules-lite game engine.
  • Story Games Names ProjectA big book of names from different cultures.
  • StoryleavesA solitaire game that tells a story.
  • SuperligaA d20-based game dedicated to gonzo gaming.
  • Take-Back-ToeA simple, abstract board game.
  • Tale of NavriAn adventure game set on a skyship.


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  • Catching the WavesReviews of gratis and CC-licensed music.
  • Dungeon SquadThe engine of the simple dungeoneering game of the same name by Jason Morningstar.
  • DungeonslayersThe engine supporting the 3rd and 4th editions of Dungeonslayers.
  • HackbirdGames based on John Harper's Lady Blackbird.
  • SFX! SystemThe Simple, Fast, Exciting RPG system.
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