Shareable Resources

This wiki catalogues creative works which can be described as 'shareable resources'. Shareable resources describes any work which can be copied in its original form by any person for any non-commercial purpose.

There's a subcategory of shareable resources called libre. Libre describes any work which can be copied (in adapted or original form) by any person for any purpose.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of terms floating around for libre content. Here are some of them:

  • Open source
  • Open content
  • Free software
  • Free culture
  • Free content
  • Software libre
  • Libre content

Recently, people have consolidated free software, software libre and open source into one acronym: FLOSS (free, libre and open source software).

However, the same has not happened for open content and free cultural works, so I coined the acronym FLOCC (free, libre and open cultural content). Hopefully it will prove popular!

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