Ben Wright

A designer of common content tabletop games.




  • 3: Unnatural EncountersContemporary, surreal horror where the highest goal is surviving more or less intact.
  • Crawling for CashBleak, nihilistic dungeon-crawling.
  • Destiny of the Metal GodsPseudo-viking medieval Ragnarok mecha.
  • His DueOrdinary people find some of their memories have been taken in exchange for deadly magical powers.
  • LairshareA game about sharing a house with galactic dictators.
  • Mayhem AcademyEnrol at a private school for tomorrow's amoral killing machines.
  • Merchants' ReachA supplement for Rivers and Lakes that brings wuxia action into a ciy environment, with NPCs, factions and rules for firearms.
  • Night of the SevensA supplement for Rivers and Lakes containing optional rules and a series of linked quests.
  • Out for BloodUnofficial supplement for Feng Shui.
  • Putting The Band Back TogetherAnarchy reigns when an obsessive, talentless band reforms for one last tour, heedless of body count.
  • Ring of ChangesFight a conspiracy with your cabal of alchemists.
  • Rivers & LakesA slimline historical wuxia game.
  • SomnambulanceTeenagers struggle to discover the truth behind their mysterious sleep-walking.
  • Sorcerer's SymposiumA madcap game of magic running out of control at a wizards' conference.
  • The Last ChallengeOld warriors gather round a campfire to tell stories of their exploits and prepare for the final battle of their careers.
  • Warlord's WagerContest and intrigue at the Warlord's court.
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