Blender Foundation

Creators of the 3D graphics/video software Blender and films using Blender.

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Software and Videos

Fantasy and Science Fiction


CC BY (the films), GNU GPL (the software)



The Foundation develops the Blender software while the Institute creates other projects like videos and electronic games.

  • Big Buck BunnyA whimsical movie where three rodents get their just deserts.
  • Blender'Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite'
  • Caminandes'Inspired by the good old Chuck Jones cartoons, this -very- short movie shows the problems a little guanaco (llama cousin) has when trying to cross the roads of Southern Patagonia, in South America.'
  • Elephants DreamA short and surreal movie about an old man and his grandson.
  • SintelA brief fantasy film about a girl's love for her dragon.
  • Tears of SteelThe results of the Blender Foundation's Mango Project: a sci-fi romance.
  • Yo Frankie!A computer game where you control a rodent.
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