Brent P Newhall

A NASA web developer and game designer.

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Tabletop Games (RPGs)





CC BY SA, CC BY and Public domain games have been released so far.

  • AutoWarTabletop Game set in a wastland with cars
  • Bounty Hunter BluesA playset for the Fiasco role-playing game
  • Dungeon DelversOne page D&D varient
  • Dungeon RaidersSimplification of Original D&D and early D&D
  • GunwaveA system for playing the angsty teens of a mecha anime series.
  • High School Heartslight tabletop role-playing game of high schoolers dealing with the emotional roller-coaster of adolescence
  • MurderHobos"MurderHobos gets to the meat of dungeon crawling: killing things and taking their stuff."
  • News Of The EmpireA one-page Victorian steampunk setting, written in newspaper format
  • Steel and FlameA more pulpy swords and sorcery esq RPG
  • Tricks and TreatsA Halloween-themed tabletop RPG about trick-or-treaters out on Halloween who must overcome scary monsters to rescue a friend
  • Uneven Wingsa tabletop RPG in which players bid tokens to succeed at competitive tasks
  • Weasels!A simple system of intelligent weasels living in The Forest that must deal with a threat. Easy for kids.
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