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Predecessor of what is now Gurbitroll Games - see for details.

  • Blood, Guts & Glory'Blood, Guts & Glory is a pen-and-paper role-playing game of fantasy adventure. As the name would suggest, the game is in a somewhat "gritty" mould with the emphasis on visceral combat where you get specific injuries such as broken bones, torn muscles, burns and the like.'
  • Codename: Spandex'Codename: Spanded is a retro-clone game that emulates the game mechanics of another out-of-print game [Golden Heroes] without using any of the copyrighted artistic presentation.'
  • Dark DungeonsA tabletop RPG based on the Rules Cyclopedia.
  • Darker DungeonsA tabletop RPG based on a streamlined version of the Rules Cyclopedia.
  • Darkest DungeonsA mash-up of the Rules Cyclopedia and Rolemaster.
  • Masks'Masks is a pen-and-paper role-playing game of super powered heroes, with addictive character generation and comic-book combat pacing.'
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