Greg Stolze

An RPG designer.

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Tabletop Games (RPGs)


CC BY-NC-SA primarily, with some CC BY-ND.



  • ... in Spaaace!Zany space adventures powered by the Token Effort system.
  • A Wind At The Window'A horror story concerning blasphemous marks in the snow of a Finnish winter, the college students it threatens, and the American veteran who may know more than he tells.'
  • ARDWINA REIGN setting that explores race, genetics and cultural identity. (REIGN Supplement #14)
  • Bulletproof Blues'Welcome to Bulletproof Blues: a "rules light" superhero roleplaying game set in the universe of Kalos Comics.'
  • Emily Speaks'My attempt at grappling with issues of feminist dialectic in a short, entertaining fashion. Or, if you prefer, a story about a piece of software that turns loneliness into cash.'
  • Executive DecisionCompete for the trust of the President of the United States.
  • Icke'A sad story about a miserable kid and the perils of fish telepathy. Despite this flippant description, I consider this one of my more successful horror stories.'
  • In The Blindness Of The Glare'Part of the deal with the Ardwin ransom was that I agreed to write a story for ten of the $50+ donors. Each one got to dictate one element for inclusion. This is that story.'
  • Meatbot MassacreA fun and engaging game of gladiatorial battles in the far future, where the dice you gather determines your actions for that round.
  • One Roll MonstersRandomly generate monsters for REIGN.
  • One Roll SpellsRandomly generate spells for REIGN.
  • Out of the Violent PlanetA REIGN supplement, where humans match alien supertechnology with unrelenting violence. (REIGN Supplement #15)
  • Regret, with Math'Winner of the 2008 Richard Eastman fiction prize, “Regret, With Math” is about a young man who studies the martial arts, or doesn’t, and who dates his former college buddy’'s ex- girlfriend, or doesn’t, and who gets in horrible, life altering trouble. Or possibly doesn’t. It’s also about parallel universe theory.'
  • REIGNGreg Stolze's closed tabletop RPG.
  • REIGN Supplement 16A 'grab bag of rules support. Nain, Ardwin and Out of the Violent Planet all get expanded material, but much of it is perfectly adaptable to any REIGN game at all, full stop.'
  • Shrimp'A realistic peek at people in a suburban American strip-mall dojo, complete with realistic divorce friction and realistic bleak memories.'
  • The First Year of Our REIGNSupplements 1 to 6 for REIGN.
  • The Kingdom of NainA wizarding setting for REIGN. (REIGN Supplement #13)
  • The Second Year of Our REIGNSupplements 7 to 12 for REIGN.
  • The Third Year of Our REIGNThree alternative settings for REIGN.
  • These People Mean Nothing To Each Other'Four short pieces form something greater than the sum of their parts.'
  • Two Things She Does With Her Body ● //Really, I think it’s better to read this without a lot of prologue and setup. //
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