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  • Brad Sucks"a one man band with no fans"
  • Copyleft NoticeA song about copyleft.
  • Daniel BautistaA musician.
  • HeifervescentA catchy one-man band.
  • Hungry LucyA band that blends pop, haunting vocals and other styles.
  • I'M FRESH! YOU'RE PRETTY!Musicians.
  • JemexA catchy musician from Brooklyn.
  • Josh WoodwardJosh Woodward writes and sings acoustic rock.
  • Lorenzo's Music'Their sound is not unlike a band of swaggering Lotharios caught between yesteryear and today.'
  • Millionaire Blonde'Le Millionaire Blonde sono una band di cui la voce principale è maria Beatrice Alonzi, sono musiciste, fanno musica pop rock electro, sono bellissime e bionde.'
  • MMO'Canadian rock guitarist/songwriter/producer Mike Olekshy fled his homeland in 2005 to attend music college and play guitar with various artists around Los Angeles, CA. His alter-ego MMO has just released a brand new EP "Drunk Dial Of The Year" - a collection of guitar-driven rock that blurs the lines between pop and metal -- complete with quirky lyrics and catchy melodies.'
  • Orphan SongsFree Swedish rock pop music.
  • Radio Nowhere'Radio Nowhere is a rock/pop band from Oakland, California, in the United States. A friend told me that we sound like the missing link between Counting Crows and Duran Duran, and that sums it up pretty well.'
  • SlimA band.
  • Sunspot'Disco-Metal Rock from the Cheese and Beer Galaxy'
  • Tenpenny JokeAn alternative rock band.
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