Valent Games

An RPG publisher, now giving its works away gratis.

Categories and types

Tabletop Games (RPGs)





The Green is dual-licensed under copyleft licences.

  • ConsoleAn RPG for emulating console video games.
  • Forty ThievesA minimalist beer-and-pretzels game about life as an Arabian thief.
  • MetafictionA short RPG about those who can travel through fiction.
  • Star EmpireArcade gamers are recruited for a stellar war.
  • The Great TournamentPlay a martial artist attending the greatest tournament ever held.
  • The GreenA Donjon supplement by Valent Games.
  • The Princess GameThis is a game about a little girl. The only little girl in the whole wide world. The only person there is, really.
  • The Undying LandsPeople from the real world are catapulted into a land of fairy tales.
  • ValenceRebuild the fallen Human Empire.
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