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This wiki collects and catalogues the world's shareable resources: works that can be copied and shared without breaking the law. Some of these works can be adapted and altered and some can be sold. Works that can be duplicated and adapted for profit or for free are called libre works and they are given special priority.

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How To Use This Site

  • Get Stuff without Paying for It: The majority of shareable resources (though not all of them) are available for free download.
  • Get Stuff You Can Use: If you're writing a book, maybe you want to illustrate it. If you're composing a song, maybe you want another song to remix. Most of the things on this site can be shared and adapted non-commercially — many of them can be shared and adapted commercially. See Using This Stuff for more details.
  • Contribute: If you find something under a shareable resource licence, add an entry on it to the wiki. See the tutorial for assistance. Please also add information to existing entries. There's also a list of jobs.
  • Get in Touch: If you find a work that you can't or won't add to the wiki or if you have any comments to make, please enter them on our feedback form.

How Not To Use This Site

  • This site is not an explanation of what libre is, why it matters or how to use it. For that, see Living Libre.
  • This site is not a place for comment or discussion. For that, see Living Libre.

Complete List of Works and Sources

A list of all works, sources and supplements on this site.

  • Thrilling Noir StoriesA rules-light RPG for the noir genre.
  • Time & TempTime & Temp is a game of time travel and underemployment for 3 to 5 players.
  • TingsA NaNoWriMo novel.
  • TINTThis is Not This is Not a Podcast - a sports podcast.
  • Tiny TrianglesPlay mice champions for whom it's not how you fight but what you fight for.
  • To the BarricadesA boardgame about a faceoff between radicals and the police.
  • ToastA rules-light universal RPG.
  • Top Ten Open Source Gifts for the Holidays'The team gathered ten of our favorite gadgets to help you pick out that perfect present for that special (open source) someone.'
  • TorBrowse the Internet anonymously.
  • Torch & SwordA retroclone of 0D&D.
  • Torus One"Torus One RPG is a science fiction role-playing game, where all the action happens in a crowded ring-shaped space station with a circumference of 1609 meters."
  • Toybox WarsReady an army from your old toys!
  • TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from KeyboardA documentary about a court case against The Pirate Bay
  • TransontologyOpen source (well, semi-open) religion.
  • TravellerA long-lived role-playing game with some setting details.
  • TreasureA modular, symbols-based RPG.
  • Triangle WikiA wiki about the Triangle Region.
  • TRIC SRDA 4E clone.
  • Tricks and TreatsA Halloween-themed tabletop RPG about trick-or-treaters out on Halloween who must overcome scary monsters to rescue a friend
  • Tri-Fold FATEThe basic rules of FATE on three pages.
  • Trolling Effects'Trolling Effects is a resource for those who have been targeted by patent trolls.'
  • True20A d20-based RPG.
  • TubeA movie, still in production.
  • TV TropesA website about tropes in fiction, mythology and real life.
  • Twenty One Turn HeroA curious one-page RPG where you face off against dragons and sorcerers.
  • Twisted SpaceAn encounter for the RPG Dungeons & Dragons 4E.
  • Two Things She Does With Her BodyReally, I think it’s better to read this without a lot of prologue and setup. //
  • Two-Fisted Tweets ● //'Thirty mostly humorous stories, including science fiction, fantasy, horror and romance. Each story is less than 140 characters long (the length of a Twitter tweet).'
  • Two-Page Space'Two-Page Space is a complete d20 sci-fi game, including spaceship rules, that can be printed on the front and back of one piece of paper.'
  • UbunchuThe world's first Ubuntu manga.
  • Ultramodern4Dungeons & Dragons 4E rules in a modern setting.
  • Uncharted Worlds'Uncharted Worlds is a Space Opera roleplaying game built upon the Apocalypse World rules. It’s inspired by the big, bold, larger-than-life space-faring epics like Mass Effect, Firefly, Star Trek, and by games like Traveller, Masters of Orion, Starcraft (and a bit of Galaxy Trucker).'
  • Understanding Changes in Poverty"Understanding Changes in Poverty brings together different methods to decompose the contributions to poverty reduction."
  • Uneven Wingsa tabletop RPG in which players bid tokens to succeed at competitive tasks
  • Unlikely Treasures 1Tables of treasures for dungeon-crawling fantasy.
  • Unsung Tales'Unsung Tales is a card-based roleplaying game, in which you and your friends will work together to tell stories of mystery and adventure in a Sword and Sorcery world.'
  • ValenceRebuild the fallen Human Empire.
  • Vampires: A Postmodern Roleplaying GameIn this game, vampires are constantly engaged in a violent physical struggle for power, respect and security.
  • Vector 3Sci-fi based tabletop board game.
  • Venn's RevengeA game of spacial relationships.
  • Very Simple Generic Miniatures RulesQuick and easy (though probably not well-balanced) rules for playing miniatures games with any figurines you have lying about.
  • vessel.ccAn art installation.
  • Viento LibreA steampunk RPG set on a Goblin airship.
  • ViolenceA parody which brings the gratuitous violence of the dungeon into the modern age.
  • VoidspannersA swashbuckling space adventure for Basic Fantasy RPG.
  • Volley ZombieA simple HTML5 game for the Liberated Pixel Cup.
  • vs ElvesA supplement for vs Monsters.
  • vs MonstersA 24HRPG by Phil Reed.
  • Wanton Role-Playing SystemAn OGL version of the RPG Over the Edge.
  • Warlord's WagerContest and intrigue at the Warlord's court.
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