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This wiki collects and catalogues the world's shareable resources: works that can be copied and shared without breaking the law. Some of these works can be adapted and altered and some can be sold. Works that can be duplicated and adapted for profit or for free are called libre works and they are given special priority.

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How To Use This Site

  • Get Stuff without Paying for It: The majority of shareable resources (though not all of them) are available for free download.
  • Get Stuff You Can Use: If you're writing a book, maybe you want to illustrate it. If you're composing a song, maybe you want another song to remix. Most of the things on this site can be shared and adapted non-commercially — many of them can be shared and adapted commercially. See Using This Stuff for more details.
  • Contribute: If you find something under a shareable resource licence, add an entry on it to the wiki. See the tutorial for assistance. Please also add information to existing entries. There's also a list of jobs.
  • Get in Touch: If you find a work that you can't or won't add to the wiki or if you have any comments to make, please enter them on our feedback form.

How Not To Use This Site

  • This site is not an explanation of what libre is, why it matters or how to use it. For that, see Living Libre.
  • This site is not a place for comment or discussion. For that, see Living Libre.

Complete List of Works and Sources

A list of all works, sources and supplements on this site.

  • Deep Freeze: Iceland's Economic Collapse'In Deep Freeze, economists Philipp Bagus and David Howden demonstrate that the real cause of the calamity was bad central bank policy.'
  • Department NineOracular spies fighting the future and Greek myths.
  • Design Livre'Design Livre is an attitude, a way of conceiving the design and seek a comprehensive and inclusive look, recognizing designs made by people.' (translated from Portuguese)
  • Destiny of the Metal GodsPseudo-viking medieval Ragnarok mecha.
  • Destiny SystemA universal RPG.
  • DiagonalA Spanish language periodical.
  • DiasporaSingularity FATE-based role-playing.
  • Dice IconsDice icons.
  • Dictionary of SydneyAbout Sydney.
  • Digital IPA RecipeA recipe for open source beer.
  • Digital Public Library of America'The DPLA is leading the first concrete steps toward the realization of a large-scale digital public library that will make the cultural and scientific record available to all.'
  • Dispatches from Wondermark Manor'[A] rollicking, absurd, completely ridiculous humor novel from the author of the celebrated comic strip “Wondermark."'
  • DIYLILCNCPlans for a simple, cheap CNC mill.
  • DjinnbustersHunt ghosts in a land of sultans and deserts.
  • Dominion RulesMedieval classless fantasy role-playing.
  • DonjonA fantasy dungeoncrawl game with significant player narrative control.
  • Doodles & Dragons'n celebration of finishing my year-long effort to draw a cartoon of every single monster in the 2nd Edition AD&D Monstrous Manual, I made a PDF containing a one page World of Dungeons hack along with every one of my cartoons.'
  • DraftA generic RPG with rules for magic and hit locations.
  • Drafting The Gift Domain"an introduction to Open Content projects with respect to how they work, how they are designed, and how they continue to exist alongside Market driven entities."
  • Dragon 2000 All You Can EatA shady Chinese restaurant is the setting for a Fiasco playset.
  • DragonNet RPGA classless fantasy RPG.
  • DramaSystem SRDThe basic system of the Hillfolk RPG.
  • DreadA diceless horror game that uses a Jenga tower.
  • Dread HouseSpend the night in a haunted house.
  • Dresden Files RPGA FATE RPG about modern magic.
  • Drowning & FallingThe Fantasy Role-Playing Game of Adventure and Death from Drowning and Falling
  • Drupal: The Card Game"In this quick card game 2-4 players compete to earn the most reputation by developing new Drupal modules and building complex websites!"
  • DscriptA new Roman script.
  • Dublab's #cc10 mixAn hour of music created for CC's 10th birthday.
  • DulseA game about relationships, ideals, and the choices we make to preserve or destroy them.
  • Dungeon Crawl - RisusDungeoncrawling in Risus.
  • Dungeon DelversOne page D&D varient
  • Dungeon RaidersSimplification of Original D&D and early D&D
  • Dungeon SquadA simple dungeon-crawl game.
  • Dungeon Squad 2A fantasy RPG designed for quick play and no fuss.
  • Dungeon Squad CompanionNew options for Dungeon Squad.
  • Dungeon Squad (Jim Adams)A hack of Dungeon Squad by Jim Adams.
  • Dungeon WorldAn RPG based on Apocalypse World for dungeoncrawling adventure.
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3EThe third edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game.
  • Dungeons DaringA fantasy RPG designed by a committee.
  • Dungeonslayers 3XA fun and rules-lite dungeoncrawl game (editions 3 and 3.5).
  • Dungeonslayers 4A fun and rules-lite dungeoncrawl game (4th edition).
  • DynamoA sci-fi/fantasy webseries.
  • E6The game inside Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Eastern Standard TribeA book of the near future.
  • Eclipse Phase"Humanity stands on the cusp of a new age, with accelerated technological growth converging toward a singularity point, promising an undreamt-of future."
  • Ed Startup 101'Ed Startup is designed to acquaint educators, educational researchers, and others to the world of entrepreneurship and intrapeneurship, help you decide which one is right for you, and support you in the first steps of your journey.'
  • Edition ThirteenA new take on the 4C System
  • El Rey MuertoA Spanish RPG.
  • Elephants DreamA short and surreal movie about an old man and his grandson.

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