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This wiki collects and catalogues the world's shareable resources: works that can be copied and shared without breaking the law. Some of these works can be adapted and altered and some can be sold. Works that can be duplicated and adapted for profit or for free are called libre works and they are given special priority.

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How To Use This Site

  • Get Stuff without Paying for It: The majority of shareable resources (though not all of them) are available for free download.
  • Get Stuff You Can Use: If you're writing a book, maybe you want to illustrate it. If you're composing a song, maybe you want another song to remix. Most of the things on this site can be shared and adapted non-commercially — many of them can be shared and adapted commercially. See Using This Stuff for more details.
  • Contribute: If you find something under a shareable resource licence, add an entry on it to the wiki. See the tutorial for assistance. Please also add information to existing entries. There's also a list of jobs.
  • Get in Touch: If you find a work that you can't or won't add to the wiki or if you have any comments to make, please enter them on our feedback form.

How Not To Use This Site

  • This site is not an explanation of what libre is, why it matters or how to use it. For that, see Living Libre.
  • This site is not a place for comment or discussion. For that, see Living Libre.

Complete List of Works and Sources

A list of all works, sources and supplements on this site.

  • Iridium SystemA simple and realistic system combining skills and classes.
  • Iron Edda
  • Is Behavioral Economics Doomed?'Those of you who have read about – and who has not? – the current economic crisis may wonder just how rational economic man or woman is. Behavioral economics has become the modern rage. So is rational economic man – homo economicus – dead?'
  • Is It Open Data?"We've made it easy for you to make enquiries to data holders about the openness of the material they hold — and to record publicly the results of those efforts."
  • Island of EoA Risus supplement.
  • It Came From The Wide Blue YonderCthulhu medieval supers.
  • It Happened TodayA song from REM.
  • It's a Jetsons WorldA book which contrasts extraordinary private innovation with government recalcitrance.
  • JAGSA universal generic games system.
  • JazzA flexible and easy-to-use game system drawn from many sources.
  • Jenny EverywhereJenny Everywhere, aka the Shifter, is the world's first open source superhero.
  • Journey to the Center of HawkthorneAn unofficial computer game based on an episode of the hit show Community.
  • Jumpers'Survival roleplaying in the infinite multiverse'
  • KA LiteAccess the Khan Academy offline.
  • Kapow!superhero table-top game
  • Keeping On The BorderlandsA Fiasco playset parodying Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Khas Fara, Village of FearAn evil witch has taken over a small town.
  • Kiss Roleplaying SystemCoins are the resolution method in this lite gaming system.
  • KodrekA three-way game of shifting alliances.
  • Konkani Vishkawosh'Konkani Vishwakosh is a four-volume hard copy encyclopedia (3632 pages) published by Goa University; a work that took over 14 years to develop.'
  • La Cura, an Open Source Cure"A brain cancer. Some very personal Open Data. An opportunity."
  • La Educación ProhibidaAn independent documentary about alternative education.
  • Labyrinth LordA retroclone of Basic/Expert D&D.
  • Lady BlackbirdA game, a setting and a starting adventure all in one; a collage of recent innovations in gaming.
  • Lady Blackbird CompanionA setting and rules companion to Lady Blackbird.
  • LairshareA game about sharing a house with galactic dictators.
  • Lamentations Of The Fire PrincessWeird fantasy role-playing.
  • Las Calles Hablan'A feature length documentary about street art in Barcelona'
  • Lasers & Feelings'You are the crew of the interstellar scout ship Raptor.'
  • Learning Music MonthlyA now-finished project to create an album each month for three years.
  • Legendary LivesA nostalgic fantasy role-playing game.
  • Let's CCA South Korean search engine for Creative Commons materials.
  • Leviathans'Leviathans is a steampunk game that simulates combat between warships that have taken to the air in an alternate history 1910.'
  • Libertarian PapersA journal of libertarian scholarship.
  • Libre CultureAn anthology arguing for freeing up works from copyright.
  • Libre Graphics MagazineA magazine focused on GIMP, Inkscape and other open source graphics software — as well as the art created from that software.
  • Libre: The Open Source Card Game'In a time where time wasn't, Seven Factions struggle for Liberation of the others so that they may live free and without struggle. This is the world of Libre.'
  • LibrebusA project to raise awareness of libre.
  • Light And Matter'This is an introductory text intended for a one-year introductory course of the type typically taken by biology majors, or for AP Physics B.'
  • Linked Open Vocabularies'[Y]our entry point to the growing ecosystem of linked open vocabularies (RDFS or OWL ontologies) used in the Linked Data Cloud.'
  • LinuxLinux is an operating system. Sometimes called GNU/Linux
  • LinvixA Spanish language Linux magazine.
  • List of Open Source ProgramsList of Open Source Programs for Windows
  • Little BrotherA hacker, wrongly imprisoned, tries to take down the police state.
  • Little WarsA storytelling game HG Wells played with his children.
  • littleBits'An opensource library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping and play'
  • Living Room'Living room is a musical stop-motion short film about the secret musical life of a group of chewing gums.'
  • LobsterAn extensive font designed to flow seamlessly.
  • Locus'Locus is a set of roleplaying game rules for people who enjoy roleplaying but don't enjoy tedious combat, hard-to-remember rules, large tables, or restricted setting-bound play.'
  • LongshotA science fiction Western.

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A list of everything on this site.

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