Copyleft works can be shared both in original form and after being adapted, but they must remain under the copyleft licence even if they are modified.

Copyleft licences are also called 'reciprocal', 'viral' and 'share alike' libre licences. However, whereas copyleft can only describe a libre work, the other three terms can also describe proprietary works that must be kept under the same (proprietary) licence when adapted.

Openness: Libre



  • Interactivities InkA creator of games you can print and play.
  • Italian Constitutional CourtHas an experimental open data section.
  • Italian GovernmentA government.
  • Jagannath MohantyAn Odia author and academic.
  • James D HargroveAn author.
  • Jason RohrerA game designer who writes simple but not simplistic games.
  • Jeff MooreAn RPG author.
  • JemexA catchy musician from Brooklyn.
  • Joe BannerWrites adventures for Dungeon World.
  • Johnstone MetzgerA game designer.
  • Jono BaconMan who is involved in Ubuntu community, also in a band.
  • Josh RobyA game designer.
  • JuanitosRetro boogie music.
  • Justen BrownAn author of retroclones.
  • K-12 Tech Tools'This website features a collection of free, kid-safe, online resources categorized by subject, grade level, and standard'
  • K3rnelAn electronic game designer.
  • Kassy Key & The RaindoggsA band.
  • La Quadrature du Net'La Quadrature du Net is an advocacy group defending the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet.'
  • Liberated Pixel Cup ContentThe games and art produced by the Liberated Pixel Cup.
  • Libre Graphics Research Unit'The Libre Graphics Research Unit is a traveling lab where new ideas for creative tools are developed.'
  • LibregamewikiA wiki of libre electronic games.
  • List of Open Source Video GamesA page on Wikipedia.
  • Lorenzo's Music'Their sound is not unlike a band of swaggering Lotharios caught between yesteryear and today.'
  • LundukeA game designer and comic creator.
  •' is a computing webzine with an emphasis on free software and software for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.'
  • Millionaire Blonde'Le Millionaire Blonde sono una band di cui la voce principale è maria Beatrice Alonzi, sono musiciste, fanno musica pop rock electro, sono bellissime e bionde.'
  • MMO'Canadian rock guitarist/songwriter/producer Mike Olekshy fled his homeland in 2005 to attend music college and play guitar with various artists around Los Angeles, CA. His alter-ego MMO has just released a brand new EP "Drunk Dial Of The Year" - a collection of guitar-driven rock that blurs the lines between pop and metal -- complete with quirky lyrics and catchy melodies.'
  • Mongoose PublishingA game publisher.
  • MrBeastDesignAn artist.
  • Nina PaleyQuestion Copyright's artist in residence.
  • Old Book ArtScanned public domain illustrations.
  • OnlineComputerBooks.comA website with many free ebooks, some of which are open.
  • OokabooOokaboo has collected nearly a million images of precisely defined topics such as places, people, species and products.
  • Open Compute Project'A small team of Facebook engineers spent the past two years tackling a big challenge: how to scale our computing infrastructure in the most efficient and economical way possible.'
  • Open Educational Resources for Teacher EducationThe name says it all.
  • Open Font LibraryA repository of libre fonts.
  • Open Food Facts'Open Food Facts gathers information and data on food products from around the world.'
  • Open Game ArtA community dedicated to providing art for open source video games.
  • Open Source EcologyTechnology for sustainable, localised, modern living.
  • Open Source FoodA recipe website.
  • OpenCorporatesA database on corporations.
  •"At, we want to show you the places where the open source way is multiplying ideas and effort, even beyond technology."
  • OpenTextBookStore'We scour the Internet for the best quality textbooks issued under open licenses that allow for printing.'
  • opsoundA collection of copyleft songs.
  • Orphan SongsFree Swedish rock pop music.
  • P2PUAn online learning community.
  • Pelgrane PressAn RPG publisher.
  • Prismatic Art CollectionA collection of inclusive fantasy art.
  • Public Domain Super HeroesA wiki of superheroes and villains that have lapsed into the public domain.
  • Public KnowledgePreserves 'the openness of the Internet and the public's access to knowledge, promotes creativity through balanced copyright, and upholds and protects the rights of consumers to use innovative technology lawfully.'
  • Basic Dungeons & DragonsThe mechanics of original and basic D&D.
  • CC-PROA rebranding of the CC BY-SA licence to emphasise its value to professionals.
  • d20 SystemThe roleplaying system which first appeared in Dungeons & Dragons 3E.
  • FATEA game system based on the mechanic: dice roll + invoked and tagged Aspects.
  • Liberated Pixel Cup"Liberated Pixel Cup is a two-part competition: make a bunch of awesome free culture licensed artwork, and then program a bunch of free software games that use it."
  • Saga Machine'Saga Machine is a brand new tabletop role-playing system by the Tab Creations Collective.'
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