Copyleft works can be shared both in original form and after being adapted, but they must remain under the copyleft licence even if they are modified.

Copyleft licences are also called 'reciprocal', 'viral' and 'share alike' libre licences. However, whereas copyleft can only describe a libre work, the other three terms can also describe proprietary works that must be kept under the same (proprietary) licence when adapted.

Openness: Libre


  • The Open UtopiaAn open content take on Thomas More's Utopia.
  • The Python Game BookWhat it says in the title.
  • The Shackled SelfA game of princes who pursue asceticism to save the world.
  • The Shrouded LandsA fantasy setting.
  • The Simple Game SystemA simple and generic rules-system based on d6s.
  • The Social Media Reader'Culling a broad range and incorporating different styles of scholarship from foundational pieces and published articles to unpublished pieces, journalistic accounts, personal narratives from blogs, and whitepapers, The Social Media Reader promises to be an essential text, with contributions from Lawrence Lessig, Henry Jenkins, Clay Shirky, Tim O'Reilly, Chris Anderson, Yochai Benkler, danah boyd, and Fred von Loehmann, to name a few.'
  • The Toxies'The Toxies is a satirical red carpet awards ceremony for toxic chemicals and pollutants.'
  • The Vicious Crucible of the Eburnean Tower'The Eburnean Tower has stood for centuries as a symbol of scholarship, arcane power, and ruthless domination.'
  • The Vicious Crucible of Verdigris Valley'The borderlands of the Verdigris Valley have never been peaceful, but now an invasion force gathers at the summit of the Pashuan Way, looking hungrily down on the rich homesteads and crippled fort below.'
  • The Wealth of the Commons'A new collection of 73 essays that describe the enormous potential of the commons in conceptualizing and building a better future'
  • The Wizard's AmuletAn adventure for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons.
  • TheonosisA crowdsourced fantasy setting.
  • TingsA NaNoWriMo novel.
  • TINTThis is Not This is Not a Podcast - a sports podcast.
  • To the BarricadesA boardgame about a faceoff between radicals and the police.
  • ToastA rules-light universal RPG.
  • Top Ten Open Source Gifts for the Holidays'The team gathered ten of our favorite gadgets to help you pick out that perfect present for that special (open source) someone.'
  • Torch & SwordA retroclone of 0D&D.
  • TravellerA long-lived role-playing game with some setting details.
  • TRIC SRDA 4E clone.
  • Tri-Fold FATEThe basic rules of FATE on three pages.
  • True20A d20-based RPG.
  • Ultramodern4Dungeons & Dragons 4E rules in a modern setting.
  • Uncharted Worlds'Uncharted Worlds is a Space Opera roleplaying game built upon the Apocalypse World rules. It’s inspired by the big, bold, larger-than-life space-faring epics like Mass Effect, Firefly, Star Trek, and by games like Traveller, Masters of Orion, Starcraft (and a bit of Galaxy Trucker).'
  • Unlikely Treasures 1Tables of treasures for dungeon-crawling fantasy.
  • vessel.ccAn art installation.
  • VoidspannersA swashbuckling space adventure for Basic Fantasy RPG.
  • Volley ZombieA simple HTML5 game for the Liberated Pixel Cup.
  • vs ElvesA supplement for vs Monsters.
  • vs MonstersA 24HRPG by Phil Reed.
  • Wanton Role-Playing SystemAn OGL version of the RPG Over the Edge.
  • Warrior & WizardA retroclone of The Fantasy Trip.
  • WayfarersPoints-buy medieval fantasy role-playing.
  • Weird World'Weird World is a game about playing characters with unnatural powers in a dangerous, exciting world.'
  • WE_MagazineA magazine about collective action.
  • What's the Deal with Copyright and 3D PrintingWhat it says.
  • Where Are The Joneses?A British comedy about a woman seeking her long-lost siblings.
  • WikiHouseBuild your own house.
  • WikipediaA libre encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
  • Wikipedia ChanukahJoCo's only free/libre/open song.
  • Wikipedia:Sound/list"This is an incomplete list of full length free content musical works available on Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons, with special emphasis on works that are (or should be) linked in Wikipedia articles." (Mainly classical music)
  • WikiPremed MCAT Course'WikiPremed's mission is to lower economic barriers to becoming a doctor and to improve the quality of MCAT review for everyone.'
  • Winning the Web'[T]his report represents a comprehensive survey of techniques employed in recent access to knowledge (A2K) activism that have succeeded in taking intellectual property (IP) reform issues to a wide audience.'
  • Witless MinionThe role-playing game of mooks, minions, and dupes.
  • Wordplay Core RulesA straightforward narrative role-playing game.
  • Wrack & WruinRyan St's rewriting of original D&D in the style of Apocalypse World.
  • Writer's Dice GuideA guide for using writer's dice.
  • WTactics'We're a community of free culture-loving individuals, creating a free card game.'
  • Wushu OpenA game where detailed narration affects your chances of success.
  • XceptionalA supers RPG.


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  • Basic Dungeons & DragonsThe mechanics of original and basic D&D.
  • CC-PROA rebranding of the CC BY-SA licence to emphasise its value to professionals.
  • d20 SystemThe roleplaying system which first appeared in Dungeons & Dragons 3E.
  • FATEA game system based on the mechanic: dice roll + invoked and tagged Aspects.
  • Liberated Pixel Cup"Liberated Pixel Cup is a two-part competition: make a bunch of awesome free culture licensed artwork, and then program a bunch of free software games that use it."
  • Saga Machine'Saga Machine is a brand new tabletop role-playing system by the Tab Creations Collective.'
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