Permissive works can be shared both in original form and after being adapted, though with some conditions.

Public domain works are very permissive, since there are no copyright restrictions on their use. They are not listed here, however.

Another term for permissive is 'copyfree'.

Openness: Libre


  • Media Studies 101Creative Commons crowdsourced textbook.
  • Meet Creative CommonsA video introducing and explaining Creative Commons.
  • Mist-Robed Gate'Which is more important: your desire or your life? In the martial arts underworld of Mist-Robed Gate, you can never have both.'
  • MoonshadesBrowser-based single-player fantasy electronic game.
  • MuktwareA Linux magazine.
  • MULRAHAn RPG that has undergone considerable changes in recent versions.
  • myPolice DataQueensland police force sharing its crimes data.
  • MyriadA rules-light modular generic RPG.
  • Nameless HorrorA horror RPG.
  • National Elevation Data Framework'Digital elevation data which describes Australia's landforms and seabed'
  • New Education HighwayA non-profit working with OER and local educators.
  • Not-Too-Silly StoriesA rules-light, GMless game designed for children.
  • Number AppearingA Dungeon World supplement.
  • Old MessilaBilly the Kid is on a train to Old Messila, doomed to hanging in this Hackbird.
  • Open Access EBooks'This chapter discusses what Open Access means in the context of e-books, how Open Access e-books can be supported, and the roles that Open Access e-books will play in libraries and in our society.'
  • Open Access Explained!'What is open access? Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen take us through the world of open access publishing and explain just what it's all about.'
  • Open Bibliographic Data Guide'[T]he business cases for Open Bibliographic Data – releasing some or all of a library’s catalogue records for open use and re-use by others.'
  • Open Data Hackathon How To GuideA guide on holding your own hackathon.
  • Open Data Handbook'This handbook introduces you to the legal, social and technical aspects of open data. It can be used by anyone but is especially useful for those working with government data. It discusses the why, what and how of open data – why to go open, what open is, and the how to do open.'
  • Open Data, Open SocietyA research project about openness of public data in EU local administrations
  • Open DyslexicA font that is easier for dyslexic people to read.
  • Open Hardware JournalA journal about open hardware.
  • Open Mission Control TechnologiesThe software that NASA used to land Curiosity.
  • Open Source Licensing' Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law'
  • Open StatesView US legislation.
  • Oral Literature in Africa'First published in 1970 by Oxford University Press, this classic study has been hailed as "the single most authoritative work on oral literature”. It traces the history of story-telling in Africa, and brings to life the diverse forms of creativity across the African continent'
  • Organic Rules ComponentsA role-playing game that promises to model physics and biology.
  • Ostermark: The ButterforgerA surreal game of the law set in the Old World.
  • Paleobiology DatabaseData and photos of extinct animals and plants.
  • Pixelated New Orleans Homes"A collection of 100 pixelated images for you to download and use for whatever you want."
  • PolliesA generic dice-based RPG.
  • Powers For Good'Powers For Good is a fast-moving roleplaying game of team superheroics in the style of comic books such as Legion of Superheroes and New X-men, or TV shows like Justice League. Together with your friends you can create an entire team of superheroes in just a few minutes and leap into whatever the GM has stewing.'
  • Providence JunctionA Western LARP of small town secrets.
  • PushA board game played on a chess or chequers board.
  • Quad SystemAn RPG.
  • Queensland Government Data'The Queensland Government will release as much public data as possible, free to anyone who wishes to use it. This data has been gathered using public money and is the property of the people of Queensland and so, where suitable, we will release it.'
  • RecordAGravePhotographs and transcriptions of tombstones.
  • Redbox HackA clever reinterpretation of fantasy gaming.
  • Return to Maniac MansionA game for Jonathan Walton's Stage One.
  • RevolucionChart the course of any revolution, real or imagined, in any time or place.
  • Science Comics!A comedic superheroes playset for Fiasco.
  • Science Fiction MysteryAn 11-player science fiction LARP.
  • Season of GratitudeChristmas songs from ccMixter.
  • Second String SuperheroesA 12-player LARP about incompetent superheroes.
  • SeventhA fantasy role-playing game.
  • Shadow of YesterdayA pioneering RPG where characters are defined by their Keys and Secrets.
  • ShadowsChildren accompanied by their formidable Shadows.
  • Shakespeare 2985A "science fiction espionage murder mystery do-it-yourself alternate reality game about interpreting poetry and failing thermal dampeners."
  • Sharing is LibertyA blog about copyright reform.
  • SintelA brief fantasy film about a girl's love for her dragon.


  • Wikinews"The Wikinews project is a free content news source of the Wikimedia Foundation that seeks to provide content, free of charge, where everyone is invited to contribute reports about events large and small, either from direct experience, or summarized from elsewhere."
  • Wikipedia List of Game EnginesA list of game engines on Wikipedia.
  • Wiley Open AccessA variety of journals published by Wiley.
  • World Bank Open Knowledge Repository"The World Bank Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) is The World Bank’s official open access repository for its research outputs and knowledge products."
  • YanoneA young German jack-of-all-trades.
  • YouTubeA video site.
  • zero-projectA collection of musical compositions, audiobooks and songs.
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