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    label: 1. Introduction. One sentence describing the work. Don't use any wiki syntax for this entry. By the way, you should open this page to help you through the form-filling process: http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/tutorial

    label: 2. URL

    label: 3. Details. Describe this work in as much detail as you need.
    type: wiki

    label: 4. Source. The work's designer, author, editor, publisher, host, provider, etc. Write as many of these as are applicable.
    type: wiki

    label: Please ignore this question.
    type: wiki

    label: 5. Categories and Subcategories. What style of work is this? Copy-paste as many as are appropriate from the categories and sub-categories listed on the Tutorial
    type: wiki

    label: 6. Genre, Platform and Engine. What genres of works does this source provide? What platforms does it run on? What engines does it use? Copy-paste as many as are appropriate from the genres listed on the Tutorial
    type: wiki

    label: 7. Licence, Status or Openness. Be as specific as possible. If there are one or two licences that apply to this work, enter them and them only. Only if you can't give a satisfactory licence should you list the work's status. Only if you can't give a satisfactory status should you give the work's openness. This goes for tagging too. Copy-paste from the licences, statuses and opennesses listed on the Tutorial
    type: wiki

    label: Leave this blank.
    type: wiki

    label: 8. Copyright Details. If there's anything more you need to say about this work's copyright status, here's the place to say it – otherwise just leave it blank.
    type: wiki

    label: 9. Unique Identifier. Our system needs a unique identifier for every work. The easiest is to take the work's title or name and replace any spaces with dashes. For example, Machine of Death becomes machine-of-death


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