Dungeon World

An RPG based on Apocalypse World for dungeoncrawling adventure.

Categories and types

Tabletop Game (RPG)

Dungeon (genre); Apocalypse World (engine)



Website: https://github.com/Sagelt/Dungeon-World


Sage LaTorra


HTML and EPUB versions
TEX and PDF versions
HTML, EPUB and PDF version

Sanglorian's Dungeon World Stuff (by Chris Sakkas)


  • Adventures on Dungeon Planet'Adventures on Dungeon Planet is a science fantasy supplement for the award-winning role-playing game Dungeon World.'
  • ArkfallA World of Dungeons hack that allows you to play post-apoc sci-fi.
  • Dungeon World Index%%form_data{intro}%%
  • Evil Wizards in a Cave'Evil Wizards in a Cave is a short adventure module compatible with both the Dungeon World and Labyrinth Lord fantasy role-playing games.'
  • Fantastic Classes CodexClasses for Dungeon World.
  • Fantasy Generators for World of Dungeons and Other GamesSituation generators for fantasy games.
  • Grim PortentsA Dungeon World/Powered by the Apocalypse fan e-zine.
  • Joe BannerWrites adventures for Dungeon World.
  • Johnstone MetzgerA game designer.
  • Number AppearingA Dungeon World supplement.
  • omnibus.ioA Dungeon World database.
  • SarrenorA fantasy campaign setting for Dungeon World.
  • Take on Establishments'[A] collection of physical establishments and locations, brief descriptions (sights, sounds, smells), an NPC, and corresponding moves for Dungeon World.'
  • Take on Magic Items'"Take On Magic Items" is a collection of magic items for Dungeon World, though a clever game master could easily translate these items into the fantasy system of choice, especially systems that encourage rulings not rules.'
  • TakeOnRulesA publisher.
  • The Lands of the Dead'This [Dungeon World] supplement is a resource to help you and your players create interesting, exciting, mysterious and dangerous lives after death.'
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