"Lunatics is a story about the first permanent settlement off of the Earth, in a tiny colony on the Moon near Sinus Iridium."

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Written by: Rosalyn Hunter
Directed by: Terry Hancock
Character Design: Daniel Fu
Principal Character Modeler: Bela Szabo
Character Wardrobe and Rigging: Keneisha Perry
Mechanical Models by Chris Kuhn (Kuhn Industries)
Set Modeling: Sathish Kumar (Spark Multimedia)

Produced by: Terry Hancock (Anansi Spaceworks)


There comes a time when exploration has to change to development, when outposts are replaced by settlements, and when space becomes not just a place to work, but a place to live. This is the mission of the International Space Foundation's lunar colony project, led by space visionary Dr. Robert Lerner and dynastic space entrepreneur Anya Titova-Farmer.

In the pilot episode, they are joined by their respective families, forming the basis for the colony: Lerner's wife Hiromi Aoki Lerner and young daughter Georgiana and Titova-Farmer's husband Joshua Farmer and teenage son Igor Timothy Farmer.

Follow-up episodes introduce the "Meta-Conceptual" resident artist, R. Allen Emerson and planetary geologist Dr. Sarah Allison.

Primarily intended to be an animated video series released directly to the web. We have released one episode as an audiodrama, however (link below), although we intend to make an animated version of it later.

Lunatics on Patreon
Audiodrama Episode 'Earth'
2011–2012 Pre-Production Kickstarter Downloads

Produced mostly using the Blender 3D animation suite and other free software tools. Lunatics is an experiment in doing original free-culture work on a sustainable commercial basis, by applying new free-culture business models. Pre-sales, creator endorsed sales, crowd-funding, advertising, and donations are all potential sources for ongoing income, but we will need a lot of help to get started (there's not a lot of investment money for this kind of model — we have to prove it works first).

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