New Realms

"Yet ANOTHER Universal Anime RPG."

Categories and types

Tabletop Game (RPG)



Own licence (Noncommercial)




"Also with this, I’d like to say that this FREE RPG and is to remain that way. If you distribute this, then you must do so without thought of reimbursement, save to cover the cost of the distribution medium. Also, it may not be “packaged” with items that implicate a defaulted cost upon this, NRv1.3, although it may be “packaged” within media that includes items that their creators would like reimbursement, but do not demand it. This game may be modified for personal use but redistributing this work, with changes, requires the inclusion of this, the source game. The changed copy must contain this work within its appendix, in a complete and unadulterated fashion. The changed copy must abide by the same rules laid out here for the original."

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