'Stories of the future present'

Categories and types

Literature (Short Stories, Audiobook)

Science Fiction (genre); the entire book is available in Slovak and parts are available in Spanish, Hiligaynon, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Filipino, German and French (language).



Website: http://craphound.com/overclocked/


Cory Doctorow


Gratis PDF, HTML, TXT, EPUB, and many other formats; also available as gratis MP3 audiobooks. The minicomic Printcrime is also available as a do it yourself gratis PDF.

Available in Slovak as a gratis PDF, EPUB, HTML, DOC, etc.

Some stories are available as gratis HTML in Spanish, gratis HTML in Hiligaynon, gratis HTML in European Portuguese and Filipino, gratis HTML in Brazilian Portuguese, gratis HTML and TXT in French, gratis HTML and PDF in German and gratis HTML in Spanish.

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