Tears of Steel

The results of the Blender Foundation's Mango Project: a sci-fi romance.

Categories and types

Video (Film), Art (Concept Art)

Science Fiction



Website: http://mango.blender.org/production/tears-of-steel-download-watch/


Blender Foundation


Tears of Steel gallery

Original 4k footage

'you have to be aware that the actors keep their Personal Image (Portrait) and Privacy Rights. That means the footage is OK to use for technical demos, showcases, tutorials etc. But not to use the actor for making a commercial.'

  • Big Buck BunnyA whimsical movie where three rodents get their just deserts.
  • Elephants DreamA short and surreal movie about an old man and his grandson.
  • SintelA brief fantasy film about a girl's love for her dragon.
  • Tears of Steel (Chinese)A remake of Blender's Tears of Steel
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